This adult excerpt is from “Trouble Comes in Threes,” the first book in my Triple Trouble shape-shifter series.

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Elain Pardie worked hard to become a TV news reporter. When a huge, black wolf-like dog with green eyes jumps into her news van, Elain has no idea her life will drastically change.

Aindreas, Brodey, and Cailean Lyall aren’t just triplets–they’re Alpha shape-shifters running a Florida cattle ranch. They’ve never found their One, the woman destined to be their mate. Until the day of the Arcadia Highland Games, when both Brodey and Cailean lock onto Her scent. Brodey shifts and gives chase, then goes home with Elain and confirms she is their One.

When Prime Alpha Aindreas mistakenly thinks Elain’s already taken and refuses to use force to claim and mark her, Brodey and Cailean must resort to trickery to learn the truth about the wedding ring Elain wears and work to convince her that triple trouble could very easily put her into seventh heaven in their arms.


Brodey lifted his nose to the breeze. “Ah, smell that?”

His brother, Cailean, wrinkled his nose. “Smell what?”

Brodey flapped the front of his kilt and grinned. “Freedom!” He playfully rolled the R in a brogue he hadn’t really spoken in many, many decades.

Cailean groaned and rolled his brown eyes. “I’ve never seen a guy who enjoys going kilt-commando as much as you do.”

The First Annual Arcadia Highland Games were in full swing.

Apparently, so were Brodey’s nether regions.

“Why the hell don’t you wear a kilt every day if you love it so much?” Cailean teased.

“Because I don’t like getting into fights with redneck assholes at the stockyards and auctions who call it a skirt.” Brodey took another swig from his beer. “Where the hell did Ain get to?”

“I dunno. Last time I saw him, he was helping Mark set up the heavy games.”

The two youngest of the Lyall triplets studied the crowd. “Doesn’t seem the same, does it?” Brodey asked.


He shrugged. “Not like the real thing.”

“It’s Florida in July. What the fuck you think it’s supposed to be like, Edinburgh?” Cailean quipped. “I wanted to settle in Oregon when we decided to leave Maine. Noooo, you two assholes decided to move down here.”

“Oh, come on, Cail. You’re the one who talked Ain into moving to the States in the first place when we left Scotland. I would have been happy going to Australia,” Brodey griped.

“Not this again. Ninety fucking years of you whining about the same shit. I’m tired of it. You know what they had in Australia back then? Kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles and convicts. You try mating with one of those options, be my guest, asshole.”

Brodey was always sullen when he had a couple of drinks in him and hadn’t been laid in a few weeks. He finished his beer and tossed the plastic cup into a nearby trash barrel. “Asshole,” he grumbled.

Cailean tried to reign in his irritation. “Do us all a favor, Brodey. Go find some chick, get laid, and don’t come home until you do.” Brodey was the middle boy, middle being relative. Only fifteen minutes separated Cailean and Aindreas, the oldest.

But those fifteen minutes were the difference between Ain being Prime Alpha, and Cailean being the Gamma Alpha. Beta Alpha Brodey’s mercurial mood swung between the two extremes, from  Cail’s laid back, contemplative style, to Ain’s sometimes intense kick-ass tude.

Usually, Brodey was more brawn than brain, their resident bonehead. Which was why Cail got stuck doing the bookkeeping for the ranch.

The Lyall boys were identical Alpha triplets except for their eyes. Aindreas had piercing grey eyes, while Brodey’s green gaze charmed quite a few ladies. Cail’s sweet brown eyes rarely failed to get him a girl–when he could get away from the ranch. They all had jet black hair as of yet untouched by grey.

Not bad, considering they’d celebrated their two-hundred-and-thirty-eighth birthday that past May and didn’t look a day over thirty.

Brodey scanned the crowd. “Most of these chicks are either married or jailbait.” He snorted. “Or they fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.”

Cailean was sick of Brodey’s persistent whiny bitching. “I’m going to find Ain,” he grumbled. Unlike Brodey, he wore tighty-whities under his kilt, as did Aindreas. He pushed off from the light pole he was leaning against and headed toward the competition area. He heard Brodey behind him.

“Wait for me, jerk.”

Cailean didn’t slow his pace. It was freaking hot, and he was sick of his brother. Both of them, actually. You didn’t hear him grousing. He sucked it up.

He didn’t look around as he made his way through the crowd, his mind running in a way he wished his body could. He’d spent more time in the woods lately, stretching his legs and pounding through the brush until he exhausted himself.

That’s why he almost missed the faint scent at first. A sweet, fragrant, clean, delicious aroma that made his mouth water and his dick stand up and scream.

He stopped in his tracks. Brodey plowed into him. “What the fuck?” Brodey griped.

Cail held up his hand and closed his eyes, turned in a slow circle, oblivious to the people around them. “Smell that?”

“Aw, fuck me, don’t bust my balls–“

“Shut up. Close your eyes.”

After a long moment, Brodey’s hushed moan. “Holy shit!”

Cail opened his eyes. “You smell her, right?”

Brodey’s eyes were still closed. And his kilt looked more than a little tented due to lack of underpinning restraint for his willful cock. “Yeah!” His green eyes popped open. “We’ve got to find her!”

“We need Ain.”

“Fuck that, we need to find her!” Brodey frantically looked around. “Where is she? Who is she?”

Cail shook his head. “I don’t know.” He set off, found a stronger whiff. If it was night or no one was around, they could shift and track her. They couldn’t very well change into wolves in the middle of thousands of people in a crowded fairground. Might draw some attention to themselves.

They headed off, desperate not to lose her scent, the One they’d searched for since they came of age.

Their perfect mate.

They ran, sniffing, now totally ignoring everyone else, trying to find her.


Their One.

That both of them instinctively recognized her scent–her scent–was proof enough for Cail. Plenty of times one of them had met someone, but the other two didn’t react.

They had to find Her.

The men ran.


Adult Excerpt

The restaurant lot was full. She had to park behind the building in an adjacent parking lot. At least it was shady there. The brothers parked next to her, between her car and the restaurant. Nervously trying to make small talk, she walked between them to the restaurant. While they waited to be seated she fought the urge to take and hold their hands.

What the hell was wrong with her?

They didn’t take their eyes off her and that was no exaggeration. And not in a creepy, Internet stalker kind of way either. A passionate intensity that totally drenched her panties.

She hoped she didn’t leave a damp spot on her skirt.

She could barely think straight around these two men. They had a three-hour meal, mostly talking instead of eating, and she learned they were cattle ranchers on the family spread in Arcadia, last of an increasingly rare breed in Florida.

“So where’s your other brother?” she finally asked.

Cail, as he’d asked her to call him, shrugged. “Ain’s busy. Lots of work to do.” He winked. “We escaped. We’re playing hooky. We wanted to see you.”

She couldn’t stand it anymore. “Your wives won’t mind you having a long lunch with a strange woman?”

They grinned. “We’re not married,” Brodey said.

God, his green eyes were gorgeous!

“No girlfriends, either,” he added. “Single and available.”

She thought she might have moaned. Fuuuck me!

“What about you?” Cail asked, nodding toward her left hand. “How long have you been married?”

She blushed. “No, I’m not married. Not even dating.”

Did both men suddenly freeze? Cail spoke again. “What about your rings?” he asked in a careful, cautious tone.

“I just wear them to keep from getting hit on. They belonged to my grandmother.”

The men looked at each other and broadly grinned.

“What?” she asked.

Brodey laughed and seemed to relax. “Nothing. We just thought you were married.”

“Oh, no. Never been married. Haven’t had a relationship or even a date in over a year.”

She couldn’t put off the inevitable. “Well, thank you both, this was wonderful. I have an early day tomorrow and need to get home so I can get to bed. Three a.m. wake-ups come way too early.” She’d love to crawl between the sheets with either or both men.

Her heart fluttered at the thought. Well, maybe not heart. The sensation was centered lower, between her legs.

The men paid the bill and walked her out to her car. Cail walked between the vehicles ahead of her, then turned to face her.

“You’re beautiful, Elain,” he whispered.

She gasped at the emotion in his voice. How could he have this effect on her? “Thank you.”

She was aware of Brodey stepping close behind her. The heat from his body washed through her even though they weren’t touching.

“Very beautiful,” he whispered in her ear.

She closed her eyes, fully aware that she was rapidly approaching an uncharacteristic loss of control with these two guys.

When Cail kissed her, his gentle, feather-light touch made her moan. She grabbed his head and buried her fingers in his hair, crushed her lips against his.

Brodey definitely moaned behind her and pressed his body into hers. She felt his hard erection through his jeans, and as he forced her against Cail, she felt his as well.

Cail dropped to his knees. She was vaguely aware that even though they were mostly shielded by the two vehicles, they were still in public.

Brodey’s hands cupped her breasts through her shirt as he pulled her against him. “Close your eyes and relax,” he whispered against the side of her neck. “No one’s around.”

She threw her head back against his shoulder, glad to take his advice, instinctively sensing these two men wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her.

Cail ducked under her skirt. She didn’t protest when he tore through the crotch of her panties, then pushed her legs a little further apart. His tongue, scorching hot, circled her clit before dipping deep inside her.

She moaned. This had to be another hot dream. Shit like this just did not happen in real life!

Brodey kissed her, his tongue and hers dueling as Cail quickly brought her to the most explosive orgasm she’d ever had in her life.

Weak and unable to move, she let Brodey hold her. Cail stood, then unlocked their truck’s passenger door.

“My turn,” Brodey said as he effortlessly lifted her to the seat and pushed her onto her back. Before Elain could protest, he’d thrown her skirt up and buried his face between her thighs, her legs draped over his shoulders.

Elain closed her eyes and moaned. Cail’s fingers laced through hers. “Give it to him, baby,” he encouraged. “Jesus, you’re perfect.”

Brodey’s tongue probed her, fucking her, then laving her clit before plunging deep inside her again.

If they were this good with their mouths…

Holy fuck!

Adult Excerpt: Trouble Comes in Threes
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