Fecking plot bunnies… SNEAK PEEK

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I’d like to say I’m going to have my plot bunnies neutered.

But since it’s how I make my living, I have to tolerate them in my head.

Yesterday, a new set of characters showed up for a new trilogy set in the world of the Governor Trilogy. (Right now I’m working on the Inequitable Trilogy and trying to get that out by end of October.) These characters will be introduced in that one, but I won’t get their trilogy written until next year some time.

However…they already have covers. (Because of COURSE I’m running behind on EVERYTHING and have to stop and make covers to get them fixed in my brain and have something to refer to…)

If you’re in the Tymber’s Trybe readers group, you saw this yesterday…

Yeah. They’re pretty, huh? LOL It’ll be called the Devout Trilogy.

Literally, here’s what I have so far:

Two guys in love and roomies in college, both want to go into politics, one ends up suddenly moving back home because father wants him to get married and run for office. Breaks other guy’s heart.

20 years later, they’re both in Congress and both married (one in a loveless, sham marriage) and other openly gay and married but knows how much his hubby loved the guy, and they start a secret triad.

“How can I accept you being here? There’s always been three people in my marriage. Problem is, you’ve been AWOL for it, and now you’re back. And if you think a shitstorm could erupt if your secret gets out, it’s nothing compared to the absolute hell on earth I will make your life if you break my husband’s heart again.”

And I’ve named them. (Sacred is the Dom, Profane is the subby hubby speaking in the quote, and Penance is the old subby guy who subby hubby is speaking to in the quote.) It’s going to be an angsty hot-mess. LOL I can’t wait to write them! But it won’t be until 2020. Too many other things going on right now.

Fecking plot bunnies… SNEAK PEEK
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