So I’m on day 4 of doing a new supplement. I do feel like I have a little more energy than I usually do, FWIW. Pain levels still the same, but unfortunately I’m used to pain.

And I’m on day 6 of using my Fitbit. So far, I’ve used a different wrist band every day. Finally got my first 5k steps badge yesterday, which is ironic because I spent a lot of the day in a car driving to and from the cardiologist. So I think that might not be completely accurate.

It’s also bad how shockingly little I move in the course of the average day. LOL But I am tracking all my food and trying to stay under my daily calorie count. What’s really good is the sleep tracking figure. I’m getting far less “good” sleep than I thought, which will be helpful next time I’m talking with my GP since my fibro is connected to sleep.

IMG_6775Speaking of the cardiologist, I have a new buddy for the next four weeks, dubbed Mico (Because of course everything has to have a name. Shut up). It’s a CardioNet MCOT, hence why I chose that nickname for it. This heart monitor is practical with me around the clock, except when I’m in the shower. Interestingly, I have the ability to trigger it when I experience symptoms. So, hopefully, the data it collects will provide valuable insights for my doctor, aiding in our collaborative efforts to decipher what’s happening. It’s another example of how technology like this when coupled with the expertise of health advisors like Dokter Fit, can play a pivotal role in understanding and managing health concerns.

It’s a two-part thingy, the electrodes and a sensor gizmo I wear around my neck, and the base, which is a cellular unit (that I’ve already managed to drop several times, thank goodness it has a case) that I keep close by.

My body’s contrarian nature being true to form, I have yet to have any symptoms today, although yesterday I had a couple I could trigger the monitor for.

And yesterday, if you missed it, I had a new release. I’ve got new covers posted for Drunk Monkeys 7 & 8, too. (Woot!)

Sidenote: I keep getting asked about Sunday’s The Walking Dead. Yes, I believe the character is dead, because I read the books and have honestly been expecting that death to happen for…a while. (I thought they’d bite it in Terminus, actually.)

Fitbit, new electronic buddy.
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3 thoughts on “Fitbit, new electronic buddy.

  • October 27, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    Covers for DM 7 & 8? Where, please?

  • October 28, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    About the Fitbit…….First I want to say that I love my Fitbit and wear it every day. It has been great for giving me an idea of my sleep patterns and motivating me to get moving.

    But with that said…….there have been reports about people getting a rash from the Fitbit bracelets and I am one of the unlucky ones that this happened to. After about 5 or 6 weeks of wearing the bracelet every day, I started to get a rash around my wrist where the bracelet would lay. At first I thought I had gotten soap or something on the bracelet and I was having a reaction to that. Unfortunately, even after I carefully washed the band and then started taking it off to do dishes and wash my hands, the rash didn’t clear up. I tried using several over the counter rash remedies and they didn’t help either. After a couple of weeks of wanting to scrape the skin off my wrist because of the itchy rash, I stopped wearing it. The rash took about 3 weeks to completely heal so I thought I would try to wear the bracelet again this time a completely new bracelet that I had never used. Unfortunately, it was no good. I didn’t even have it on for 3 hours and my wrist was already starting to break out again. So to end the story on a good note, I decided to create my own bracelets for the Fitbit. I crocheted several bracelets in different colors and I put a cloth pouch on the back to hold the actual Fitbit. So far this has worked great and I can wear it again.

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