Go away, #Colin

175319W5_NL_smTropical Storm Warning issued for Florida…

Everyone else: PANIC!

Florida Natives: Better charge my Kindle/phone/iPad…

This is mostly going to be a rain event. There will be some coastal flooding due to high tide coinciding with the arrival of the rain, but Colin is a sheared system. It’s no Ivan, Charley, or Katrina, for sure.

We follow the weather and news, and I laughed my ass off this morning at Jim Cantore trying to get the mayor of Clearwater to admit this would be like a massive financial catastrophe because of the lost beach day. The mayor was like no, people can go to the mall or movies or see Winter the Dolphin…who Cantore had no clue who that was. Then  Cantore was trying to get him to at least admit they preferred it when it wasn’t raining.

#sensationalizing (Come on, Cantore. You can do better than that. And seriously? You didn’t know who Winter the Dolphin is? There was only a MOVIE made about her!)

Um, DUH. It’s FLORIDA. It rains EVERY DAY in summer. Seriously. We’re used to this. We’re not like beaches in the northeast where one weekend or holiday is make-or-break. Every day is a beach day here. Ironically, winters are our better time because of snowbirds coming down.

If it was a wind event, that would be different. But it’s not. I hope people in coastal flood zones escape serious damage, but for most of us, it’s just annoying weather.

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Go away, #Colin
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One thought on “Go away, #Colin

  • June 6, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    The rain is the biggest annoyance. Just like you said, rain in Florida in the summer is a factory installed feature. As long as this sucker doesn’t start spawning tornadoes the biggest issue will be some localized flooding.

    Having said that, no major weather issue should ever be taken lightly. Pay attention, have a plan, stay off the roads unless an order to evacuate has a been ordered and for God sakes, alcohol fueled Hurricane parties are a monumentally bad idea. Nothing says stupid like trying to make life and death decisions when you are impaired.

    Stay safe and consider this a drill. The west coast of Florida and particularly the Tampa Bay Area are historically well overdue for a major weather event.

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