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I was discharged from the hospital on April 1st (I swear to the Goddess I cannot make that date up) and a follow-up CT scan last week showed my lungs are healing. Still a lot of exhaustion, but I can breathe, yay!

My discharge from the hospital was a…story. Apparently codeine and I are even worse acquaintances than I knew, and they had to dose me with cough meds that have it in it and long story short, I needed the Bard to come be my adultier adult and take me home because my brain blue-screened.


Last week I had to replace the valve cover gasket on our ’05 Honda Element (as in I literally got the parts, dug out my tools, and did it myself) because it’s not in the budget to take it to a mechanic and our Civic currently isn’t running. That was…fun. Not as difficult as I’d feared it’d be, and took me a couple of hours.

Spouse had a shot in their spine to help with their degenerative disc disease, it helped a little but there’s still a lot of pain. I’ve been warned by all my doctors, my therapist, and the Bard, to take things easy because while I’m still healing from my pneumonia, I’m not “healed.” And my rib cage is still sore from all the coughing I did and from the two ribs I injured. That it takes time to clear everything from my system and get back to what passes for “normal” for me. (To be fair, the intake report I saw from the ER says I was in respiratory failure when I was admitted. So it’s a good thing I didn’t try to tough it out.)

Now I’m trying to wrap up Bleacke Shifters 9 (I’m currently posting chapters on Patreon for subscribers) so I can get it released and get Bleacke Shifters 10 finished and released. Yes, I realize I don’t have covers ready for those two books yet. (This is also why I haven’t reformatted any of my Tymber books for print lately.)

Admission: I cannot work at my desk yet. Mostly because over the past couple of months my office has become a…well, let’s just say unusable. As in I’d open the door, toss stuff in, and close the door. And my big monitor that I use for making covers is on my desk. Yesterday I started chipping away at that and decluttering and rearranging stuff. I’d dragged several large totes of yarn out of my office a couple of months ago to work on stuff for the craft fairs and my Etsy store and with everything else going on…yeeeeaaaah.

I should add we have a very small house and only two bedrooms. One of those is my office. Which also kind of becomes the catch-all dumping room for stuff that has no other home/place to put. And after months of feeling like crap, it’s finally caught up with me.

I am a hot mess, y’all. LOL Seriously. Because I work on a laptop and to make covers I NEED the large monitor. Thus begins the great excavation, as I think of it.

I’m getting there. Baby steps.

Buffett is doing well, posted for puppy tax is a pic of me and Buffett and Uno (aka Psycho). She’s barely larger than his head and she has him terrified. LOL (To be honest, she terrifies nearly all the cats because she’s a…well, terror.)

Thank you for all the support and well-wishes, I GREATLY appreciate it.

Good-bye, April!
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