Sparkles and Cake

rainbow with love is love written on itWelcome to Pride Month!! And I have not only a group of freebies to share with you today, but also I wanted to talk about Kobo Plus.

If you have KU (Kindle Unlimited) then you know it’s going up in price. But… Did you know Kobo has a similar program? And it starts at only $7.99 a month, depending if you subscribe to ebooks, audiobooks, or both. Also, they don’t require authors be exclusive to their program, so it’s a win-win for everyone. AND… they have a free trial! You don’t have to have a Kobo reader, either; they have apps for many devices.

All of my Lesli ebook titles I have on Kobo are in the program. (My Tymber ebook titles are still controlled by my publisher, sorry.)

So let’s start by highlighting some great books you can find in Kobo Plus, and the giveaways are listed below. Thanks!


New in Print

Did you see my latest print reformats of my Tymber books? Take a look! CLICK HERE

Also, you can buy signed print paperbacks from me. (And I have my Lesli ebooks there as well, including some ebook bundles you can’t get anywhere else!)

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Happy Pride Month! F-R-É-Ë-B-I-E Alert!!!
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