I still get comments from readers who don’t realize I’ve been published under more than one pen name. *smile* I’ve been published mostly as Tymber Dalton, but I am also published as Lesli Richardson, Macy Largo, and Tessa Monroe.

As Macy Largo, I wrote “Dead Moon Rising” (contemporary, paranormal, mmf) and “Sunset Hearts” (contemporary, suspense, mmf) for the American Heroes collection for Siren-BookStrand.

As Tessa Monroe, I wrote “Sarasota Steam” (historical, cowboy, mmf) for the Lost series. If you enjoyed that one, you might enjoy “Hernando Heat” (historical, cowboy, mfm) which I wrote as Tymber Dalton.

My first book published by Siren was “Cross Country Chaos” (as Lesli Richardson). I do have more books planned for that group of characters, I just haven’t had time to write them yet.

You can find all my Siren books linked through my Tymber Dalton page at:


Macy Largo & Tessa Monroe books
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