me-td-dm-monkeybusiness3Holy crapballs, Batman, it’s a Monday, all right! LOL Tight deadline for two books, edits due in tomorrow, and a GREAT weekend coming up at the Writers Lab where we’re going to have an AWESOME time! (And yeah, Mercury retrograde apparently hit their website, so they extended registration until Tuesday in case anyone tried to register and couldn’t.)

Okay, so today is release day for book 1 of my new Drunk Monkeys series. Think the A-Team meets Mad Max meets The Walking Dead–without paranormal zombies! 🙂 It’s post-apocalyptic, hunky Alpha special ops dudes in a near-future dystopian setting. A virus is sweeping the globe, and it’s up to the Drunk Monkeys special ops team to fix this problem before the world is toast. 🙂

And I received two great reviews from Shh Moms Reading for Safe Harbor and The Denim Dom! 🙂

Right now, I’m racing to finish up Suncoast Society 9 and Drunk Monkeys 4 for submission, as well as first-round edits for Drunk Monkeys 2 (releasing on 7/21!).

Whew! Is Mercury direct again YET???? LOL No, actually we have to wait until July 2 for that, I believe.

Anyhoo, please check out Monkey Business if you get a chance. I’m really excited about this series. There will be 10 books total, all mfm, and I’m having a fun time writing them. 🙂

And did anyone catch the premier of Lost Ship last night? I wanted to watch it and forgot about it, so I taped the repeat on DVR and will have to catch up with it. Oh, and LONGMIRE!!!! (*drools!*) I’m also really getting into Crossbones. LOVE John Malcovich and he’s doing an amazing job in this new show.

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