Monday #PeepPimpage – Holiday edition

I’ve got a book coming out Friday! A Kinkmas Carol (Suncoast Society 41, BDSM).

Yes, it’s a Kaden book. (Sequel/prequel to The Reluctant Dom.)

No, I’m not providing you with tissues, sorry. (Not in my budget, and I recommend a towel, just sayin’. Reusable and ecologically friendly.)

So while you’re there, you can look at all my Siren-BookStrand titles under all my pen names on their site:

And if you want to see some sneak peeks, and you’re on Facebook, come join the release event:

And now…on to the #PeepPimpage!

Did you know my Hubby has a Christmas book writing as Haley Jordan? Candy Cane Kisses (And it’s only $1.99!)

Check out my bestie Ravenna Tate! She’s got some hotness cooking in her books. 🙂

Diana Duncan had a reader return this book and send her a snotty e-mail bitching that how dare she feature an interracial couple, as well as a secondary couple who are gay. So what’d I do? That’s right, I’m PIMPING THE SHIT OUT OF IT!! #lovetrumpshate

.99 Dom box set featuring Lori King and others. Great bargain!

Dakota Cassidy has a new one out! How the Witch Stole Christmas (Witchless in Seattle series)

Coming Soon

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Monday #PeepPimpage – Holiday edition
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