While working on the Bleacke Shifters books I’ve also been trying to get back into continuing the enormous task of reformatting all of my Tymber Dalton books that I got the print version rights back for into print.

I’ve been dealing with a slight setback in my recovery from pneumonia, I’m hoping it’s not going to completely derail my progress. (I didn’t test positive for covid, but friends of mine have, and my test kit might have been old.) Even with the last round of antibiotics I’m still having some issues I’m going to try to get into the pulmonologist this week to make sure the pneumonia isn’t trying to come back again, but I’m wheezing again, which I’d stopped doing. So I’m back on the nebulizer three times a day. Ugh.

Remember, I do this all my formatting myself, and the covers, so it takes…a while. And no, I do NOT use AI for my covers. And I go through and do a complete re-read while I’m formatting, trying to tweak things, catch stray typos, all of that. So it’s not just as easy as slapping the old file into the formatting software.

You can always check out the spreadsheet I have to see what’s been reformatted and the buy links. The latest are pictured below. (Including June and Scrye’s book!) Click HERE to go to the print page.

Also, these books ARE still available in ebook format, just with the old covers, because my publisher still holds the rights to the ebook format. Another thing you’ll notice is I’m starting to add my Tymber Dalton pen name to my Lesli Richardson books that I’ve published. There is NO new content in those books; I’m just adding my Tymber Dalton pen name to make it easier for people to find everything I’ve written. Thanks!

New in print – including June and Scrye’s book!
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