Well, other than cosmetic stuff like painting (or new cabinets, which aren’t in the budget right now LOL), and a junk drawer I need to weed out, I can honestly say my kitchen is “done.” Go me! LOL I’ve been back on the “Flywagon” with the Flylady.net system for a couple of weeks now and already noticed a huge improvement in my routines. Took a couple of loads of things to Goodwill too, as well as purged a bunch of stuff straight to the garbage or recycling bin (like emptying out the plastic storage container cabinet and pairing lids and tossing unneeded ones and ones missing lids). Did a closet purge including having hubby purge some of his old clothes, and YAY we can actually walk into our walk in closet again. LOL

Like I said, I’m not eligible for a Hoarders episode by any stretch of the imagination. (In fact, watching that show, while I feel sorry for people like that, it makes me look at myself and my house and re-energizes me to make sure I never get like that.) It’s things like my desks have stuff piled on them, bookshelves full to critical mass, etc. And it’s not the whole house either. And the fact that my living/dining room does double duty as my home office doesn’t help.
But already I feel that pull to just keep going and maniacally weeding through stuff and cleaning and I know I can’t do that either. I need to do it incrementally to keep the eagerness going. LOL Also I don’t want to overwhelm myself. Hubby has jumped on the Flywagon with me. Even though he’s always been helpful around the house with chores, he’s seeing the 15 minutes at a time in action and how much of a difference it can make.
Progress not perfection.
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  • September 20, 2010 at 7:39 am

    We have a dining room table. Really, we do. It’s hidden beneath piles of books, and props from the last few movies my husband filmed.

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