I have a shiny new book cover to reveal! 🙂 I just received my cover for Two Geeks and Their Girl, coming 8/2 from Siren-BookStrand.


(mfm, contemporary, mystery/thriller)

Amanda “Manny” Croyle hates technology…and it hates her right back. Which is why it annoys her when she’s assigned to an undercover investigation and protective operation for two computer geeks. But it’s not like she has a life. Just a wounded heart and PTSD from her time in the Middle East.

Korbin Temple and Rhys Gilyard are resigned to the fact that Artemis—a top-secret cyber-security project—is the only “woman” in their life. Then they’re assigned an administrative assistant. They’ve learned not to trust sexy women, especially once they suss out Manny’s true identity, but there’s something sweetly haunted about her and they wouldn’t mind a chance to brighten her world.

Manny knows getting personal is a bad idea, but the two men soon win her heart. Unfortunately, unknown criminals want their hands on Artemis. Now it’s a race against time to see if Manny can unravel the mystery before time runs out for one of her men.

(Should I tease you with the fact that Rhys is the nephew of a famous novelist, and that a certain Dom’s technical expertise is sought? No, it’s NOT a BDSM book, he just makes a cameo appearance. LOL)

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Shiny New Book Cover: Two Geeks and Their Girl
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