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Now Elain was exhausted, thirsty, and hungry, in addition to really stinky. As she plodded through the woods, her instinct guiding her back to Lacey’s, she realized she had no freaking idea why she was doing this, other than the thought had occurred to her.

I. Am. An. Idiot.

No, she realized that wasn’t true. But it did scare her that here she was, a journalist, now dragging a woman’s body through the woods.

A body which had been safely concealed, by someone else and in no way tied back to her, on private land.

In the middle of a huge, desolate forest.

And now she’d dug it up to rehome it.

Reinter it?

“Hello, Elain.”

She was too tired to even flinch when she heard the man’s British voice speak up from behind her.

She kept plodding forward. “Hello, Ryan.”

“May I ask a rather stupid question?”

“Sure. Go for it.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m taking a nice stroll through the woods.”

“Yes, it would seem that you are. Did you know there’s a dead body following you?”

She glanced over her shoulder. Ryan, looking bemused, walked a few paces behind Mercedes’s feet. “Huh. Whaddya know about that. Wonder where that came from?” She faced forward again and continued.

“Uh, Elain?”

She finally stopped. “What?”

He walked around the body to stand in front of Elain. “It’s not often I come upon someone walking through the woods and dragging a dead body.”

She shrugged. “You should get out more often.”

He arched an eyebrow at her.


He continued staring at her.

“I’m enjoying a walk in the woods. That I have a dead body in my possession is totally irrelevant.”

“Most authorities would disagree with you.”

Sneak Peek: Triple Cross (Triple Trouble 7)
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