I was discharged from the hospital late Monday. There…is a story. If you’re in my Facebook group you can watch the video.

The short version is that the Bard is my adultier adult, codeine and I do NOT mix, and I really don’t ever want to have to repeat this experience. It’s a damned good thing I didn’t wait to go to the hospital or I might still be there. And I’m on oxygen at home for now. I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday.

And I’ve only accidentally stepped on the damned oxygen hose and snatched it off my face about three times so far. (Fuck.) Ribs are killing me from coughing but at least I’m home.

I greatly appreciate all the messages and I’m sorry I haven’t replied to everyone individually. You’re the best readers in the world and I appreciate you so much.

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Thank you!

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Still hanging in there. (I’m not dead yet.)
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