Not just punched, but cunt-punched right in the goddamned taco, I swear to the Goddess I will.

Apparently, Florida has gotten drunk and moved to Michigan. Tomorrow, we are facing highs only in the 50’s, which I know doesn’t sound cold to many of you, but that’s damned frigid for us.

Especially for those of us stuck in the middle of a horrible fibro flare. 🙁

Whoever left the stupid fridge door open to the north, SHUT IT. Thank you.


Thursday weather briefing…
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One thought on “Thursday weather briefing…

  • February 12, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    AMEN!!! Someone else feels the same way!!! I am so sick of the cold already! My husband & I own a motorcycle that has become a fantabulous therapeutic release for me over the years. Unfortunately since I had back surgery years ago cold & I don’t get along AT ALL. I need some warm weather already so I can destress!! Grrrrrrr…..

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