We. Told. You. So.

We told you so.

We. Told. You. So.


Every last one of us SCREAMING before the 2016 election about NOT electing Trump because he’s a malignant narcissist, we WARNED you not to vote for him.

We told you so.

He glided down his gold escalator while calling Mexicans rapists. And yet, some of you still ignored us.

The Access Hollywood tape emerged, where he made degrading comments about a woman and admitted to sexual assault.

And yet, some of you still ignored us.

We SCREAMED about what malignant narcissists do, how they LITERALLY burn down the world around them out of spite, even if they’re slap in the middle of it. His niece wrote an entire goddamned book about it. He’s shown you his cruelty. He’s repeatedly, REPEATEDLY refused to agree to a peaceful transfer of power, and yet many of you still waved our objections away, saying oh, that’s just Trump being Trump.


And now, NOW some of you are SHOCKED that he incited a violent mob of insurrectionists, of domestic terrorists, to overtake the capitol to try to disrupt the LEGAL and LAWFUL proceedings? A LITERAL attempted COUP?

All his LIES of supposed voter fraud. (SPOILER ALERT: There has been ZERO PROOF of voter fraud EXCEPT BY THE GOP.) His literal calls for violence. His repeated racism. Trying to take away our health care. LOCKING KIDS IN FUCKING CAGES. Giving corporations welfare while hiking our taxes (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t be shocked when you pay more this year because by giving corporations tax cuts he put in a little goodie that RAISES taxes for the rest of us THIS fucking year.) All the birther bullshit. Calling people names. Wasting money on a bullshit, useless wall that what little did get built razed sensitive environmental areas in the process and is even FALLING THE FUCK DOWN ALREADY.


And yet you’re SHOCKED it came down to this? Seriously? This SHOCKS you? He’s been broadcasting what and who he is the ENTIRE TIME and yet you just blew it off as not being serious despite all the evidence. “That’s just Trump being Trump.”

Yeah, he’s a DANGEROUS MALIGNANT NARCISSIST. He’s a literal fucking sociopath/psychopath. He’s a fucking SADIST. His kids are no better.

You haven’t WANTED to pay attention. You probably LIKED some of what he said, because you’re a racist asshole, too.

And yet, here we are, and we FUCKING WARNED YOU.


Seriously, fuck ALL of you who held your nose and voted for him just because you didn’t like Hillary Clinton. We could have had a competent woman in charge and you chose the racist, malignant narcissist.

Our republic is in DANGER from this man. He still has two weeks in office and he has the nuclear codes. Imagine how much damage he can still cause. Thank god Twitter FINALLY shut him down there. They are complicit. So’s Facebook.

The GOP used him as a useful idiot to jam their harmful policies through over the past four years, and NOW some of them are finally saying oh, this isn’t good.

The GOP deserves to lose power. They’ve raped our environment, disenfranchised voters, diminished our standing with our foreign allies, made our troops less safe, and, oh, BOTCHED A FUCKING PANDEMIC RESPONSE. Trump is responsible for all of this. He is directly responsible for the deaths of over 366,000 people.

Trump needs to be removed from office immediately, via impeachment or 25th Amendment, and needs to be charged with insurrection.

I also want to know how fast the head of Capitol Police will get fired for not planning a more adequate response. It’s almost like some members of Capitol Police were fucking complicit in what happened. I guarantee you if that was a BLM protest they would have likely mowed them down with live ammo. It’s blatant racism in action.

Some of those rioters yesterday took nazi and confederate flags into the capitol. You CANNOT CLAIM they aren’t racists–they ARE. The confederate flag is a TREASON RAG. They left the Union, they LOST, and they committed treason and insurrection, all to preserve slavery. (DO NOT LECTURE ME ON YOUR SUPPOSED “theories”. IT WAS ABOUT SLAVERY. PERIOD.)

Oh, and the old legislation that Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz was trying to say gave him the right to challenge the certification yesterday? Look it up. It led to Jim Crow in the South, and disenfranchised millions of black voters and basically put an end to Reconstruction. Soooo…. Racist.

You can no longer claim you didn’t know this would happen. If you STILL support Trump, you’re obviously a racist who doesn’t give a shit about the rule of law. There was no widespread voter fraud. LYING is what a malignant narcissist does. It’s what they do as easily as breathing. RESEARCH IT. I know those of you who’ve never had to deal with one find this hard to believe someone can LIE that much, but trust me, they do. I survived a relationship to one and even over 20 years later, I still have PTSD from it.

And if you’re going to click your tongue at me and say you’re not buying my books anymore for saying all of this, then you haven’t been paying attention to my books and what I write. And honestly? I don’t want you as a reader if you’re a traitor to our republic who supports Agolf Twitler.

Light up your congressional rep and senator’s phones to demand they impeach Trump immediately. We still have TWO FUCKING WEEKS of this bullshit. If the GOP doesn’t remove him, they’re complicit and they need to lose their seats in the next election.

Romance writers and readers (*waving, hi!*) helped flip Georgia blue. (Which, actually, it’s been blue, but it’s also been heavily suppressed thanks to the GOP.) Ignore us at your peril. We are strong believers in an HEA for people, and we will work our asses off to make sure it happens.

And we’re just getting started.

We. Told. You. So.
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