Technically a WIP, even though it’s contracted and looks like my release date is 8/2. 🙂 I say that because we still have to go through edits and that means it’s still “in progress” LOL. This is from Two Geeks and Their Girl (mfm) and I even have blurbs for you:

Short version:

What happens when an emotionally wounded, technophobic investigator is assigned to protect two handsome computer geniuses? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Medium version:

Extreme technophobe and undercover investigator, Amanda “Manny” Croyle, unfortunately can’t refuse the assignment to protect Korbin Temple and Rhys Gilyard—and their highly classified Artemis project. As the three get to know each other, their bonds deepen. But when the bad guys strike, will Manny lose her men before she gets a chance at happiness?

Full version:

Amanda “Manny” Croyle hates technology…and it hates her right back. Which is why it annoys her when she’s assigned to an undercover investigation and protective operation for two computer geeks. But it’s not like she has a life. Just a wounded heart and PTSD from her time in the Middle East.

Korbin Temple and Rhys Gilyard are resigned to the fact that Artemis—a top-secret cyber-security project—is the only “woman” in their life. Then they’re assigned an administrative assistant. They’ve learned not to trust sexy women, especially once they suss out Manny’s true identity, but there’s something sweetly haunted about her and they wouldn’t mind a chance to brighten her world.

Manny knows getting personal is a bad idea, but the two men soon win her heart. Unfortunately, unknown criminals want their hands on Artemis. Now it’s a race against time to see if Manny can unravel the mystery before time runs out for one of her men.

Coming 8/2 from Siren-BookStrand!

(Set-up: Rhys is from England, Korbin the US. They were roommates in college and now work and live together since Rhys’ last break-up. A lot of “odd” things have been happening to Rhys and Korbin lately. Including the brakes going out on Rhys’ car. We’re about to find out that these two geeks might be smart, but one of them definitely isn’t mechanically inclined…)

(Also, this excerpt is unedited, so please excuse typos.)


Rhys kept his mouth shut during the drive to the mechanic where he’d had his car towed late yesterday. He could tell Korbin’s temper still flowed strong and fierce. When his best friend got like this, the only thing he could do was keep his mouth shut and ride out the storm until it passed.

He’d been doing it since college, so he was in expert in Korbin Temple meteorological readings.

They pulled into the parking lot. Rhys wasn’t sure Korbin would follow him into the office, but he did. The woman behind the counter asked them to wait while she told the mechanic they were there.

She returned a minute later with the mechanic, who carried a clipboard. “Let me show you what we found,” he said as he motioned for them to follow him.

He led them through to the shop to the third repair bay where his car sat, hood open.

“Your brakes went bad because of water in the system.”

Rhys frowned. “How the bloody hell did that happen?”

The man pulled the cap off a reservoir on the driver’s side of the engine compartment, up near the firewall, and dipped his finger in. Milky tan fluid coated his finger. “That’s supposed to be clear. The entire system needs to be flushed out. Also, I highly recommend doing the calipers and discs on all four wheels, as well as the master cylinder. If we don’t, I can’t guarantee the work. The seals could be shot. And I won’t know until I get into it, but we might have to replace brake hoses as well on the front wheels.”

Heat immediately filled his face. “Eh, what is that?”


Rhys pointed to the thing the mechanic had just opened.

“This is the master cylinder. Your brake fluid is full of water. I’ve never seen anything like it.” He laughed as he screwed on the top. “Well, there was a woman once who thought it was her washer fluid reservoir. Man, did her husband chew her a new—”

“Right. How much to fix it?”

“Well, without brake hoses, you’re looking at over eight hundred.”

“Fine. Do it. Whatever it needs.” He wanted out of there.


“Okay.” The mechanic handed the clipboard to Rhys and a pen. “Sign there for me for the estimate that you’re okaying it.”

He hurriedly scribbled his name and practically shoved the clipboard back at him. “How long?”

“Oh, we might have it done before lunch. Definitely by the end of the day.”

“Brilliant. “We’ll be back for it then, if not tomorrow morning.”

He practically bolted through the large bay door leading outside instead of walking back through the office, and was waiting for Korbin at his car when he caught up.

“What’s wrong?” Korbin asked.

“Nothing! Just open the blasted car and let’s get to work.”

Korbin’s gaze narrowed. “What aren’t you telling me?”

“We’re going to be late for work.”

“I can stand here all day and do this.” A slow grin creased his face. “Wait a minute.” A long, loud laugh escaped him, a relief because it meant his friend’s emotional storm had finally passed.

And it upset him because he knew Korbin had figured it out.

“You thought that was the washer fluid reservoir?”

Rhys yanked at the door handle, which Korbin still hadn’t unlocked. “You’re not exactly a master mechanic, my good friend. If I recall, a female Highway Patrol officer helped change your flat last week.”

Korbin scowled. “I’d never changed a tire before.” Rhys heard the click as Korbin hit the button on his key fob to unlock the doors. “But I’m smart enough to read the labels on the caps under the hood before I do something stupid like that.”

Rhys yanked the door open and got in. “I don’t wish to discuss it.”

He let out a snort. “Yeah, I guess you don’t.”

“Well can you blame me? It’s right there by the blasted wipers. It’s logical to assume that’s where it goes!”

“Dude, don’t pick on me for a flat tire. I’ve never done something like what you did.”

“It’s my first car. You know that. I didn’t grow up with cars like you did. We didn’t need them in London. If we went on holiday, my parents hired one. You taught me how to drive in college, if you’ll recall. Perhaps I should blame you for the lack of education.”

Korbin still wore a smile as he pulled out onto the highway. “Your car came with an instruction manual. Did you ever think about reading it?”

“It’s a car. You get in it, you turn the key, and you try not to hit anyone or anything while making it go. How difficult can it be?”

“Apparently more difficult than I thought.” Korbin shook his head and laughed. “I think we can rule out someone sabotaging your car, at least.”

Oh, here’s another hint: Rhys is adopted, but has a certain famous novelist as an uncle. You might be familiar with him… *weg*

And another tidbit: A certain Dom makes a cameo appearance in this book. Manny goes to him to get a crash course in computer data centers… *weg* (No, nothing about BDSM. LOL This is a contemporary with mystery/thriller notes.)

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WIP Wednesday: Two Geeks and Their Girl
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