Another writer beware post for you all this week. This is the latest in an ongoing saga that broke a few months ago in a rather public way when one of the principals left and threw a hissy fit in the process. Seems like Noble Romance has not only not cleaned up their act, they’re still actively screwing authors over.

For all the details, you can follow the thread over at Absolute Write:

But the latest information comes from Aleksandr Voinov’s blog, where he’s posted a full email exchange between himself and Noble, regarding attempting to get his rights back, You can read it for yourself at:

Writer Beware: Noble Romance
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One thought on “Writer Beware: Noble Romance

  • November 22, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    Wow! Just wow! I’m speechless at all I just read!
    I’d hoped that all these authors could get this resolved with as little issue as possible when I’d heard there was trouble, but after looking at all that I can’t see my hope coming to fruition.
    I’m stunned at the entire situation to say the least. Not how I’d ever run my business!
    Just shocked!

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