crocheted slime green ogre hatGot a couple of ebook giveaways to let you know about today!

But first, yes, I did go to the doctor for the coughing & wheezing, because it got worse. My doctor couldn’t see me but the walk-in clinic connected to the practice could. A chest x-ray showed not pneumonia, so they declared it’s bronchitis and gave me one of those multi-day steroid packs. Unfortunately, they said the x-ray showed signs of “hyperinflation” of the lungs, which apparently is a symptom of COPD.

I have literally NEVER smoked. Anything. Except, you know, meat on a grill.

Apparently you don’t have to be a smoker to get COPD. Lovely. So if the round of meds doesn’t give me relief I have to follow up with my GP for pulmonary studies. I tell you what, ever since I had covid back in Jan. ’21, I have not felt right. (I wasn’t eligible for the vaccine yet when I caught it.) I mean, besides my “normal” (for me) fibromyalgia and arthritis stuff.

And getting my permanent crown was delayed until next week because the dentist had to be out.

But I’ve finally got a few things posted on my new Etsy shop, so yay! Visit my Etsy store.

And close to being finished with final edits on Bleacke Shifters 9, so stay tuned on that. Pre-order Bleacke Shifters 9 & 10.

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