January Update (Root canals SUCK.)

For starters, Buffett is doing well and settling in nicely. He even has his own Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook page now. (All his links.) But the first week of January I cracked a molar and then had to get a root canal. I have to admit I haven’t been to the dentist in over 30 years (because I haven’t “needed” to) and as I was sitting there in the chair I finally realized why. (Besides money.) Because as a neurodivergent person, it’s a literal sensory hell sitting there with people’s hands in my mouth, and the sounds, smells, and sensations of the instruments. (I’ve never been “afraid” of the dentist, just…didn’t go.) Of course my dental insurance didn’t cover a chunk of it, and I had to get a health care credit account and ask family for help. (Those who know me know how deeply that grates on my soul, not being able to be self-sufficient.)

As I type this, I have a temporary crown and get the permanent one this Friday (Groundhog Day, and yes I get the irony). This was my first root canal. And we’re down to one vehicle for now because the Civic–again–needs repairs that aren’t in the budget.

Spouse, who has degenerative disk disease, also got hit with sciatica, so they’ve been down for a goodly chunk of the month, meaning the bulk of household chores falls on me, in addition to taking care of them. I’m dealing with some weird bronchitis/wheezing/coughing kind of BS that I’m not completely sure isn’t due to my dental work (because apparently that’s a THING I didn’t know about, that when they disturb bacteria in your mouth with dental work it can cause other issues, or even trigger aspiration/inhalation pneumonia). Yes, I will go to my GP if it doesn’t clear up on its own soon. But it’s dang sure sapping my energy.

All this while I’m trying to write and edit and get Bleacke Shifters 9 and 10 released.

Like I said, this year can suck my ass. At least I got the remainder of outstanding print orders shipped last Friday, so YAY. I’m caught up in that ONE area. (I refuse to take a victory lap for that because that’s just tempting fate!)

On the bright side, I’m spending my evenings forcing myself to relax by crocheting. And in a typical move that’s made my therapist face-palm, I’ve opened an Etsy store to sell not only original patterns but finished goods. LOL (The face-palm is because I don’t seem to have a hobby that I don’t proceed to attempt to monetize instead of just doing it for fun and relaxation.) I told her well, one out of two isn’t bad. LOL

So even while I’m “relaxing” I’m still working. LOL The Bard’s given up trying to make me “relax” and instead gently nudges me with reminders to eat and drink and…you know…bathe. LOL

I appreciate y’all’s patience with me. I truly, truly do. ((HUGS))

On a positive note, however, rediscovering my joy for crochet and fiber artistry has helped my writing. It relaxes part of my brain and helps refill my creative well, and when I sit down at my computer after a crochet session it feels like things go easier. And I’m having fun creating tangible, original fiber art items that bring people joy. Like the pouch belt I just finished last week.

I hope everyone else’s new year has been going well. With this being a presidential election year here in the US, it’s going to get ugly. I’m trying to stay focused on the next task in front of me, and honestly, I’m glad I adopted Buffett. He forces me to go outside several times a day and walk around and spend time away from my laptop or my crochet hook.

Once I get Bleacke Shifters 9 & 10 out the door, I’ll be working on Maxim Colonies 4 & 5 to get them finished, edited, and released. They’re screaming at me the loudest right now.

I have been plucking away a little at a time on the next Suncoast Society and Triple Trouble books, but for a variety of reasons I’m not going to discuss publicly I’m considering just posting them on my Patreon a chapter at a time for you all. But first things first–Bleacke Shifters. (And yes, there will be more books in that world beyond book 10.)

So that’s my January. I hope y’all are doing well and having an easier time of it than I am.

Brightest Blessings!

January Update (Root canals SUCK.)
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