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HUGE thank you to everyone who pitched in for the well pressure tank!! (I love you all!!) Don’t have quite enough for it yet but at least that’s sitting there in savings now in case it doesn’t make it to the end of the month.

Okay, so Bleacke Shifters news! Bleacke Moments (Bleacke Shifters 8) will be my next release. I don’t think it’ll be done before the end of July but I’m shooting for August. (For real this time, I swear!) Here’s the thing… I knew there would be at least two more books after this one. I just hadn’t nailed down the plots.

Well, last week, WHAM. The plots nailed me. LOL

So despite a summer cold (ugh!) I’ve literally had THE most productive writing week since Russ died. I’ve had to make changes to book 8 because it’s going to lead into books 9 and then 10, which I’ll be shooting to have out before October. (Yes, THIS October. LOL)

If you picked up book 1 for free (Bleacke’s Geek) and haven’t read the others yet, I’m offering a coupon deal exclusively over on my Payhip site if you want to buy the Bleacke Shifters Omnibus from me there. It contains books 1-7 in one e-book set. Use coupon code: BleackeOmni and save $5 off the normal price of $15.99! This coupon is ONLY good on my Payhip store, and expires Wednesday, July 19. Click here to go to the item page to buy it!

If you haven’t read Bleacke’s Geek yet and would like to pick it up free, you can do that there as well:

Oh, and book 9 will be titled A Bleacke Outlook, and book 10 is Bleacke Blessings.

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Bleacke News (See what I did there?) and new giveaways!
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