Looks like I’ll have to replace my ancient hell well tank sooner than I anticipated. *head/desk* That’s $600 I do not have in my budget right now. (And that’s just for the tank and parts and doing it myself, now that I’ve done the Bard’s and know how to do it.) I just hope it holds out until the end of the month. (I’m not too proud to beg for Ko-Fi donations. Or, if you buy print and e-books directly from my Payhip store, that money goes right into my pocket immediately.)

Suncoast Society Volume 27: Open Doors (Book 27) and One Ring (Book 28) is now available in print:

Open Doors (Book 27, MF)

Derrick didn’t set out to open a BDSM club—it was a labor of love. His dream of having a safe place for their friends quickly came to fruition, but what he didn’t anticipate was how Venture’s open doors would soon transform into a living legacy.

One Ring (Book 28, MFM)

When Amelia stumbles upon her friend’s BDSM lifestyle, she doesn’t realize it will open her eyes and the door to her escape from a loveless, dying marriage. Don and Carl invite Amelia to be their roommate while she’s putting her life back together…but their friends in the Suncoast Society have sneaky matchmaking plans of their own.

Buy Links:

Signed Paperback: https://payhip.com/b/ATpBQ

Amazon: https://amzn.to/46FXVjq

B&N: https://bit.ly/suncoastsociety27

Ebook Links:

Open Doors: https://books2read.com/td-opendoors

One Ring: https://books2read.com/td-onering


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Hell-o Well-o Friday. UGH.
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