For those of you who’ve wanted to find out how Tyler and Thomas met and got together, you’re getting your wish! *G* This excerpt is from Love Slave for Two: Beginnings (Prequel). The events in this book take place BEFORE Love Slave for Two (Book 1) and culminate at the first chapter of Book 1. This scene takes place over a year before Tyler meets Thomas. Now available from Siren-BookStrand!

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[Menage Amour: Erotic Alternative Menage a Trois Romance, Contemporary, May-December, BDSM, Public Exhibition, M/M, M/M/M, with M/M/M/F]

Tyler Paulson came to America with a scholarship and a dream of becoming a writer. With an unsupportive mother and a father who abandoned him, he makes close friends and tries to build a new life for himself in his adopted country. Unfortunately, a series of heartbreaking betrayals makes him doubt not only truths he once held about himself, but shatters his trust in others.

Thomas Kinsey wants to carry on his father’s legacy and become an architect. His family and upbringing couldn’t be more different than Tyler’s, but he hides a secret he’s afraid to admit for fear of testing his strong family bonds.

Thomas knows Tyler is the man he wants to spend the rest of his life with…if he can convince Tyler to forget the ghosts in his past and have faith in their future together. Read the scorching prequel to “Love Slave for Two!”


Ray let Oot cuff Tyler’s hands and wrists and hook him up to the bench. The difference in Oot’s touch with the implements was immediately apparent to Tyler. He took his time, used his hands to caress and squeeze Tyler’s flesh, delivered far less sting. Within twenty minutes, Tyler didn’t care that he was begging to come.

Ray knelt in front of him while Oot used a soft flogger on Tyler’s ass. “You want to come already? You’re just begging to be used this weekend, aren’t you?

“Yes, please!” The restrictive leather G-string had only added to his torment. Every movement of his hips added even more torturously pleasant friction.

The doorbell rang. The other two men seemed to anticipate it, but it shocked Tyler back from his heady state.

“Ooh, there’s kitten!” Oot said.

“You stay here with him,” Ray ordered. “I’ll be right back.” Oot stepped up his ministrations, quickly settling Tyler back into subspace. He was vaguely aware of people entering the room and a woman’s voice.

“Strip, kitten,” an unfamiliar voice commanded.

Ray spoke. “Oot, hold up for a moment.”

Tyler gasped as the activities stopped, allowing him a moment to gather his thoughts. Ray knelt in front of him again.

“Daddy Saul is loaning us kitten for the weekend because he’s going out of town and doesn’t want her to get into trouble. Do you want to play with her?”

Tyler struggled to form vowels. “Okay.”

“You’ll get to top her when I say so, but she won’t top you. She’s a total bottom.”


Ray ruffled his hair. “Get that G-string off him.”

Tyler felt hands remove the G-string.

The other man’s voice spoke. “Well, get your head down there, girl. Use that mouth for what it’s made for.”

Tyler felt hair brush his thighs, then…

His eyes rolled back into his head at the feel of soft, hot, silky lips engulfing his cock.

Ray laughed. “In this case, Tyler, you don’t need permission to come. Not that you could hold back anyway. She’s a total cocksucking slut. Have at him, kitten.”

Oot started in on Tyler again with a paddle, and it only took seconds for Tyler to explode in kitten’s mouth with a loud cry. He was aware of a happy female moan, but she didn’t release him, kept sucking, deep-throating him past the point of release until he grew hard again.

Hands caressed his back, his thighs, his ass. He was vaguely aware of Ray showing the other man out, then returning.

Oot groaned. “He’s got such a nice ass. Please, Master?”

“We won’t get anything else accomplished this weekend if I don’t let you fuck him now, will we?”

“Probably not, Master.”

“Oh, all right, fine. Go get a condom and lube.” He ran his hand through Tyler’s hair, caressing, gentle, not pulling it.

“Haven’t had a good spit roast in a while. Don’t stop what you’re doing, kitten. Your owner gave me permission to whip your ass if I need to.”

She moaned around Tyler’s cock, the sensation making him moan in reply.

Ray laughed. “Gotta love that sound.”

Tyler was aware of Oot’s gentle hands working cool lube into his ass, Ray’s hands on his head, and the feel of kitten’s hot mouth on his cock. Even if he could have moved, he would have fought anyone tooth and nail had they tried to make him get up.

“Ever been the center, Tyler?” Ray asked. Tyler wasn’t sure what he meant, was pretty sure the answer was currently no, but was only seconds away from finding out.

Ray stripped off his shirt, then dropped his shorts and stepped out of them, leaving his stiff cock waving in the air. He wasn’t as long as Marcus, but he was thicker around. As he stepped forward, he cupped Tyler’s chin. “You’re not going to be able to talk, so three long, loud grunts will mean red, two mean yellow, one means green. Okay?”

Tyler strained to reach the cock in front of him. “Yes!”

Ray chuckled as he slipped his cock between Tyler’s lips. Oot rolled a condom on and slid his modest cock inside Tyler, driving another loud, long moan out of him. He was close to coming again.

“Oh, fuck! Master, he’s great!”

Tyler wasn’t sure where to focus his attention. What was being done to him felt better than great, and he loved what he was doing. After instincts told him Oot and kitten probably didn’t need his help, he turned his full attention to Ray.

Ray sucked in a long, deep breath. “Dammit, Oot, he’s almost as good as kitten.”

“Really? Oh, man, I can’t wait to feel that!”

“You’ll have to. I’m not letting go of this boy’s head until I shoot a load down his throat.”

Even though Tyler felt like a fuck toy, he couldn’t explain the difference in how this was better than he’d ever felt with Marcus.

Much better. They were focused on his pleasure as much as he was focused on theirs, not the one sided take-and-take he’d felt with Marcus.

He attacked Ray’s cock with as much enthusiasm as he could. When kitten made Tyler come a second time, he started bucking his hips against Oot’s cock, wanting him in deeper, harder, faster.

It didn’t take Ray long to come. He held himself inside Tyler’s mouth, ordering him to swallow. Oot soon followed, leaving the room and quickly returning after disposing of the condom.

Tyler trembled, sweaty, all strength gone from his limbs, and still kitten was latched onto his cock.

“Okay, kitten. Stand down, girl. Corner.”

With a pouty look, she kissed Tyler’s cock, licked his balls, and retreated to a large pillow in a corner of the room.

Oot unhooked Tyler and helped him sit up. “You okay?”

He nodded, unable to speak. Ray brought him a glass of water, which he gratefully accepted and downed.

“Well, how’d you enjoy your first spit roast?”

He laughed, his soul feeling lighter than it had since the night Marcus left. “Wow.”

Oot grinned and hugged him. “Yeah, I was hoping you’d say that.”

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Adult Excerpt: "Love Slave for Two: Beginnings"
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