I’m blogging today over at the “When One Is Not Enough” menage authors blog. Topic? I’m taking on a pinhead ROMANCE AUTHOR who equated BDSM with “setting back the women’s movement.” (Oh no she did-uhnt!) Oh, yes she did, and I take her to task for it.


Guest blog: Open Your Mind Before Your Mouth
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2 thoughts on “Guest blog: Open Your Mind Before Your Mouth

  • May 15, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    Hi Tymber, Have to comment here.. I do not understand what it means about the liveid section at the end… Tymber loved your rant and slap upside the head at the un-named author re- putting back women’s rights 50 years. Goodness, is it that easy- read or write a BDSM book or live in a BDSM relationship and those individuals will set back women’s rights? Really! one needs to offer a bit more in support that opinion. I agree with so many others who commented/asked that weren’t women’s rights about the right to choose to do what she wants, when, how and with whomever she wants. And as was stated in your rant and others comments, in a BDSM relationship which is based around safe, sane and consensual at least those participating have actually given their actions some consideration and talked about them. Those three word appear to be pivotal to those in the relationship, male, female, gay or whatever choosing and giving consent. So go on and continue to make this world a tad more interesting and dare to be different and in your instance, Tymber, continue to be heard as a voice of reason and promoting EVERYONE’S right to choose! Have a great day.

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