Wow, less than 24 hours into the experiment, and already 100 people have joined the event. Here’s the thing: I don’t like seeing (already) how Facebook has “trained” me to just “like” stuff rather than interacting with a little meaning with my online acquaintances and friends.

I also don’t like that if someone posts something like, “I was in a car crash, not hurt,” that there’s just a “like” button. I have to comment anyway. I don’t want to “like” that they were in a crash!

I also don’t “like” that Facebook is filling my feed more with sponsored posts and NOT real posts from my Fb friends and pages I’ve CHOSEN to want to interact with. Sure they need income, I get that. Let them offer special packages for more options for people, like better group functionality, or more sidebar ads, but DON’T clog my feed with shit I don’t want to see!

So instead of liking, I’m posting (y) (which gives you a thumbs-up icon) in comments, or I’m posting some other icon, or even a quick comment. I will still share stuff, but I’m not liking ANY posts OR comments. And when I see ads in my feed, I’m now actively clicking the options NOT to see ads from those advertisers.

Want to join the rebellion? You’ll be shocked when you realize how ingrained a habit it is to click that “like” link instead of meaningfully interacting with people.

Another reason to “rebel” against Facebook.
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