Another reason to “rebel” against Facebook.

Wow, less than 24 hours into the experiment, and already 100 people have joined the event. Here’s the thing: I don’t like seeing (already) how Facebook has “trained” me to just “like” stuff rather than interacting with a little meaning with my online acquaintances and friends. I also don’t like that if someone posts something … Read More

Oh, goodie. I now have a cyberstalker.

So apparently I’ve “made” it since I’ve pissed off a couple of spammers. (EDIT: I’ve added a second message they’ve sent me.) What’s even stupider? I HAD been planning on letting it die down now that we had notified our members. But now that I’m getting email threats, including (see below) a threat to burn … Read More

Updates: 4/6/2011

“The Reluctant Dom” is now available in print on This new print version also contains the related novella, “Domme by Default” (first time it’s appeared in print). Also, I’m running a contest on my Facebook page. Head on over, like the page and leave a comment in the contest thread. I’ll pick a … Read More