It’s BAAAACK! Re-release of Acquainted With the Night in e-book and print!

I loved this book. Sobbed for an entire day. I hate her. Lol. – Reader Comment

OMG. I LOVED that book. Totally broke me. – Reader Comment

This book broke me and I sobbed for hours. – Reader Comment

I was also surprised at the emotional reaction I had to this book. Like. WHO KNEW alien mpreg could end me like this. I love it so much. – Reader Comment

Want to play “guess which book?” LOL It’s BAAAACK! I received the rights back to Acquainted With the Night, which was originally published under my Tymber Dalton pen name. I’ve revised and expanded it by about 3,500 words, and I’m republishing it as Lesli Richardson. (The story is the same, but my writing’s changed over the years, and I’m no longer constrained by house style, so I was able to smooth and flesh out things I didn’t before.)

AND IT’S IN PRINT, TOO! You’ll also be able to get it via Hoopla and Overdrive, if you use a library service.

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[MMMM, sci-fi/futuristic romance, m-preg, humans as aliens’ pets, M/s]

I hated the military…and now I’m an alien’s pet.

I hated the Terran military. I didn’t volunteer, either. Like so many others, I was drafted as cannon fodder in the senseless Terran war against the Algonquans. Not like I had much of a future ahead of me, though, without a rich family to pave my way or even pay for me to have a wife.

Now, my entire ship’s been captured. If what we’ve been told about the alien race is true, I’ll never be seen again. I hope they don’t eat me.

Turns out the truth is far different than we were led to believe. The Algonquans aren’t vicious, insectoid monsters, either.

We’re now their pampered pets…and they’re using us to help replenish their population to win the war.

You know, maybe this isn’t the worst life after all.

Did you see that Fierce Radiance (Space Confederation 1) is also back with a fresh cover and editing and under my Lesli Richardson pen name?

Fierce Radiance (Space Confederation 1)

It’s BAAAACK! Re-release of Acquainted With the Night in e-book and print!
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