It’s back in print format!! And yes, in this one there IS an extra chapter in the end. The story doesn’t change, but I had enough people grumping at me that I should have given more details at the end, so I did.

Mix one blue-eyed, Irish rake with a heartbroken Florida boy in a malfunctioning elevator…and maybe Etsu’s just learned what heaven really feels like.

(Contemporary romance, MMF, why choose, crossed swords, reverse harem, BDSM, power exchange, second-chance love, pining, hypnosis, sexy accent, Alpha Irish hero, heroine with asthma, scorching hot elevator sex, and an HEA!)

Writing As: Tymber Dalton

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Empty hearts, and hopes.

Aden aged out of the foster care system. He built a life, bought a house…and fell in love with Niall, a blue-eyed Irish Dom who owned his heart. When Niall accepted a job in California, Aden couldn’t bear to relinquish the stable life he’d finally built for himself in Florida, and they tearfully said goodbye.

Unfortunately, Niall took Aden’s heart with him. When Aden meets Etsu five years later, he hopes maybe his empty heart can finally heal. Etsu grew up smothered by crazy-overprotective parents and her asthma, but Aden’s patient enough to try to win her trust, and win over her family.

Except Niall’s back and wants to reclaim what’s his—Aden. If Etsu’s part of the bargain, even better. When past and present are forced together in a life-threatening situation, the question is can they make this work? Or will happiness be snatched from their hands before they even have a chance to savor it?

Note: The start of this book overlaps a little chronologically with the end of Almost Gothic, which briefly introduces Niall. Niall, Aden, and Etsu also appear as secondary characters in Come In From the Cold. Additional characters appear or are featured in other books in the Suncoast Society series.

Back in Print! Empty-Handed Heart (Suncoast Society 66)
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