Bleacke Moments Updates

Okay, we have a f*&^% hurricane coming at of (of course!) so prayers/well-wishes, torturing voodoo dolls of our governor whose inaction has led us to a homeowners insurance crisis (because I can’t even afford it) would be greatly appreciated.

I HAVE uploaded Bleacke Moments to Amazon. The ASIN is B0CGR1R4XK so keep stalking your particular Amazon store, please, and it will hopefully show up soon. I don’t know what the situation will be for me posting updates later this week. Depends on what this hurricane does.

The universal link has been updated with Google, Kobo, and B&N. I’m sorry I can’t override the release date earlier on Apple (I think it’s the 7th), but I load through Draft2Digital and it requires 10-day lead times and it was already in their system as a pre-order and won’t let me force it to release now. I REALLY appreciate y’all’s patience on this book. I hope you enjoy it; I think it’s one of the funniest books I’ve ever written, but there’s also some angst in it. It’s Dewi at her…eh, Dewi-est. LOL. (Easy peasy. That will make sense once you read it. LOL) Thank you!!!!

My Payhip Site:

Universal Link:
Amazon: Uploaded & Waiting on it to go live.
Apple: Pre-Order

Bleacke Moments Updates
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