Bleacke Moments (Bleacke Shifters 8): GOING LIVE!

Okay, here we go, and apologies in advance for the free-range typos. I can’t set it to release earlier on some retailers (like Apple) because of the pre-order status, but I will keep updating the universal link as everything comes online. It’s $2.99 but it WILL be going up in price after it’s live everywhere. (It’s over 110k words long.) With the hurricane heading our way I decided to go ahead and just get it posted and maybe I won’t be tempting fate that way. Books 9 and 10 are now in progress.

If you’re one of my Patreon subscribers (thank you!) you can download the full files from there in .mobi or .epub format

My Payhip Site:
Universal Link:
Amazon: Uploaded & Waiting on it to go live.
Apple: Pre-Order


Bleacke Moments (Bleacke Shifters 8): GOING LIVE!
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