Bleacke Shifters Omnibus now available (Books 1-7)

You can grab my Bleacke Shifters Omnibus 1, which contains books 1-7 in a box set. If you only have book 1, this is a GREAT savings over buying them individually. I’m offering it exclusively through my Payhip store, because Amazon takes a larger cut on anything priced under $2.99 or over $9.99. (There is NO extra/additional content in the box set.)

If you’re on my Patreon, you get to see a sneak peek at another scene from Bleacke Moments (Bleacke Shifters 8 ) as well as my in-progress timeline AND a hint about the Bleacke Shifters “family tree.” (Yes, I’m working on the book!)


Bleacke Shifters Omnibus now available (Books 1-7)
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