No, not a typo. LOL I nearly always have a day or so of aimless mental ambling following meeting a deadline. Wondering what I need to focus on next while barely able to think straight. Especially with a book like Triple Cross (Triple Trouble 7 – accepted by Siren, date deets to follow) where my brain is utterly. Totally. Fried. Followed by immediately jumping on the first round of edits for Broken Toy (Suncoast Society 7) which is coming out 2/21.

(Did I mention I blew up a moose in Triple Cross? But everyone who’s read the scene said it’s funny. And it wasn’t an intentional moose mangling, it was an unintentional victim of a…but I can’t tell you that or it might be a spoiler. *WEG*)

Sometimes, I have the next book already lined up in the mental queue and raring to go. This month, I have several projects equally yelling at me and demanding my attention, so it’s hard for me to focus on only one of them. I’m still wondering which one to give my full attention to.

And son’s home, so that means family time with him and Hubby is a must this week. (Yes, firearms will be involved in that, especially since my parents now want to try skeet shooting.)

In a way, I hate feeling like this, because as a Taurus I like having things planned out, even if it’s just a rough idea. (Which, I’m well aware conflicts with my pantster-ness as a writer. Shut up. Irony, y’all.)

I did get started on catching up on website updates. Got a bunch more pages added for my books. Still not done, but will be by the end of the week, hopefully. Then I can take down the annoying blue note on the main page and replace it with another blue note, although hopefully not as annoying.

And there are repairs and chores to do around here that I’ve been neglecting and putting off. The wacky, wild, and frequent fluctuations in temperature we’ve had have triggered my fibromyalgia. Fatigue, mostly (fortunately?) and not pain so much this time. I think the new stuff I’m taking is really helping in terms of the pain. But I just don’t have the energy to tackle some of the things. Thank the Goddess for Hubby, who handles the bulk of the day-to-day stuff around here. I really couldn’t do this without him.

So with spring nearly upon us, what are some of your major “spring cleaning” kind of chores/repairs you need to tackle?

Confused and prone to wondering…
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