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This version of Hotel California is amazing!

This is definitely worth the listen!! One of my favorite songs. Then, when you’re finished with that, give this one a listen. It’ll…well, you’ll see! 😉 Happy Saturday! In case you missed it… Kallypso Masters’ Rescue Me box set is still only .99! My Love Slave for Two 5-book series box set is still only … Read More

Knife Safety 101, latest update on The Great Washhouse Rat War of 2015.

Knife Safety 101: Brand-new (literally) Buck knives are VERY, VERY sharp. And when you apparently roll a critical fumble (dice roll of 1 on a D20) in real life, the result is something like this: Non-consensual self-knife/medical/cutting/blood play. Apparently, I ignored my safeword when I called “red” and continued well past my own hard limits. That’ll … Read More

The Great Washhouse Rat War of 2015.

We live in the house my grandparents built back in 1950 or so. I was practically raised here I spent so much time here growing up. And we have a shed out back that’s always been called the “washhouse” because the washer and dryer are out there, along with stuff like garden implements, chemicals, etc. … Read More

Cancel the order for the ark…

Well. We had some friggin’ crazy weather here last week and on Monday. Rain literally the likes of which I’ve NEVER seen in my life here. And keep in mind, I was RAISED here. We had flooding in our yard and in the ditches over the road that I’ve never seen before. The Tampa Bay … Read More

If I had a superpower…

This random thought is prompted by a picture someone posted in the Trybe. That’s not the superpower I’d want. I want something…different. I’d want the ability to point at someone (or a group of people) and make them spontaneously orgasm. Hear me out. Think of how it would stop wars? Fighting while jizzing one’s pants? … Read More

Handling David Bowie’s balls…

…no, not THOSE balls, you dirty pervs. I have a T-shirt from that says “The Babe With the Power” on it. Which prompted a long-overdue Labyrinth rewatch. (Well, a first-time watch for Hubby, who didn’t get the reference on my T-shirt.) And then that led me to this. What the hell did we do before … Read More

Friday Funny: Hicky the Hillbilly Vampire

BOOM! *drops right here* Yer welcome! LATEST RELEASES: Coming Soon | Audiobooks | Latest Posts

TGIF and recap.

It’s Friday, I’m scrambling on deadline, and… *sigh* Here’s a recap of recent posts. ((HUGS)) and have a happy and safe Friday, peeps. Clean Reader app update What. The. Actual. Fark. (re: Clean Reader app) Now for something a little lighter… Grr. Ready the pitchforks… Available for Pre-Order: Chains (Suncoast Society) Third-Party, Print, & Audiobook … Read More

Welcome to spring…not.

Oh, the first day of spring! Joy!… NOT. Remember how I was bitching how cold I was a few weeks back? Guess what DIED this morning. (That’ll teach me to not be more grateful when the weather warmed up.) The main A/C unit that cools the bulk of the house. *head/desk* The lowest fan speed … Read More

The birthday Hubster (yesterday).

Hubby and I went out to Smokey Bones for his birthday lunch yesterday. He got a free Leaning Tower of Chocolate cake (should be called the Leaning Tower of Cardiac Arrest and Ass Fat cake…).         The cake was not a lie…but the cake, alas, won the battle. And yes, that was … Read More

Personal pick-me-ups, audio style.

I have an iPod full of a wide variety of music, from classical to heavy metal and everything in between. Literally. But there are times where I need a mental boost, an audio kick-in-the-ass. That’s when I turn to a couple of audiobooks I have that help me get back on track mentally. I thought … Read More


This pretty much sums it up.   This fibro flare from hell and crazy fluctuating weather can stop anytime now, ktksbai. *head/desk* #fibromyalgia #spoonie Tymber’s Latest His Canvas A Lovely Shade of Ouch A Merry Little Kinkmas Tymber’s Hubby’s Books  

Fearmongers strike again: There IS NO UN Treaty end-running the Second Amendment.

(Warning: my ranty pants are on.) Well, the nutjobs are at it again. There’s an article making the rounds on Facebook scaring people into thinking there’s a UN treaty that’s an end-run around the 2nd Amendment. Click here to read the wrongage. Had the “journalists” on said website done a quick check, they would have … Read More

Request to my peeps to help another peep.

Sometimes, our online friends become like extended family to us, in a way. I recently pimped KB Gardener’s book here when it was released. He’s a sweet guy and his wife had been struggling through a string of medical issues. Unfortunately, yesterday, she finally succumbed to her health issues. Another friend of our has set … Read More

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