Spouse health update.

Spouse health update.

Spouse’s gall bladder was removed on Friday, and while she didn’t react well to the anesthesia, they discharged her late Saturday and she’s on the mend. Which Princess Kiwi was also glad of, because her stomach was an absolute mess with the massive disruption to her schedule, so she used products like Exhale’s Delta-8 that … Read More

This version of Hotel California is amazing!

This is definitely worth the listen!! One of my favorite songs. Then, when you’re finished with that, give this one a listen. It’ll…well, you’ll see! 😉 Happy Saturday! In case you missed it… Kallypso Masters’ Rescue Me box set is still only .99! My Love Slave for Two 5-book series box set is still only … Read More

Knife Safety 101, latest update on The Great Washhouse Rat War of 2015.

Knife Safety 101: Brand-new (literally) Buck knives are VERY, VERY sharp. And when you apparently roll a critical fumble (dice roll of 1 on a D20) in real life, the result is something like this: Non-consensual self-knife/medical/cutting/blood play. Apparently, I ignored my safeword when I called “red” and continued well past my own hard limits. That’ll … Read More

If I had a superpower…

This random thought is prompted by a picture someone posted in the Trybe. That’s not the superpower I’d want. I want something…different. I’d want the ability to point at someone (or a group of people) and make them spontaneously orgasm. Hear me out. Think of how it would stop wars? Fighting while jizzing one’s pants? … Read More

TGIF and recap.

It’s Friday, I’m scrambling on deadline, and… *sigh* Here’s a recap of recent posts. ((HUGS)) and have a happy and safe Friday, peeps. Clean Reader app update What. The. Actual. Fark. (re: Clean Reader app) Now for something a little lighter… Grr. Ready the pitchforks… Available for Pre-Order: Chains (Suncoast Society) Third-Party, Print, & Audiobook … Read More