Gidget and Uno in collusion.
Gidget and Uno in collusion.

Day 9 of Hubby in Snowhio: I survived, despite the morning starting off by having to scoop a dead armadillo out of the ditch and throw it away because of the flock of buzzards in the front yard hovering over it. Ugh.

Hubby is winging his way home now, and not a moment too soon. I caught Gidget and Evil Uno in blatant collusion last night.

He needed to go, mostly because his mother has Alzheimer’s and, quite frankly, there won’t be a lot of time left he can spend with her. I know I kvetch about our furbabies, but all joking aside, I’m glad he’s able to go spend the time with her, and it’s why I’m not attending any of the big book conventions this year. I want our already meager travel budget reserved for him, so he can have that time with her.

But it’ll be good to have him back. Me and the furbabies have missed him. (Although, of course, now that Luna has finally friendlied up to me, as soon as he’s home, she’ll start ignoring me again. LOL)

Now I can get back to finishing Suncoast Society 8 (which has a working title of A Clean Sweep, and is a mfmm menage).

Day 9: And the siege has ended…
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2 thoughts on “Day 9: And the siege has ended…

  • March 27, 2014 at 1:30 am

    So happy for you that Hubby would be home by now I guess. I understand. Likewise my husband’s mum has Alzheimers and her memory is only a couple of seconds long. We warned our children at Christmas time that if they wanted to make time to visit her while she may still recognise them they should do it asap. I am happy that they did. We made it a photo op to give them a last happy photo. She was happy enough but it was sad to see her confused face in the photos. We do not live that far from her but some of our children would live an equal distance as your Hubby is from his mum. We all need to give our ‘flowers’ while our loved ones live, not much point after, really. (IMHO)
    BTW so glad to read the next Suncoast Society is on its way. 🙂 Yay!!!!

    • March 29, 2014 at 10:22 am

      @Vanessa – Thank you. 🙂 Yes, he knows it’s more for him at this point than for her, but I really want him to be able to have as much time with her as he can.

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