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The Suncoast Society is a contemporary BDSM series set in and around Sarasota in west central Florida. It focuses mostly on a group of friends who are members of the Suncoast Society munch group and the BDSM club Venture. (Note: The series was first started before Covid was an issue, so the series does NOT address Covid.)

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Suncoast Society Series Reading Order

Most of the books in this series are standalone and can be read independently from each other. However, to avoid any spoilers and to not miss any story arcs, the best reading order for the Suncoast Society series is as follows:

  1. Safe Harbor (mmf, Mac, Sully, and Clarisse)
  2. Domme by Default (mf, him and Her)
  3. Cardinal’s Rule (mmf, Tilly, Landry, and Cris)
  4. The Reluctant Dom (mfm, Seth, Leah, and Kaden)
  5. The Denim Dom (mf, Tony and Shayla)
  6. Pinch Me (mf, Rob and Laura)
  7. Broken Toy (mf, Bill and Gabe)
  8. A Clean Sweep (mfmm, reverse harem, Essie, Mark, Josh, & Ted)
  9. A Roll of the Dice (mf, Mike and Jenny)
  10. His Canvas (mf, Askel and Mallory)
  11. A Lovely Shade of Ouch (mf, Gilo and Abbey)
  12. Crafty Bastards (mmf, Cali, Sean, and Max)
  13. A Merry Little Kinkmas (various)
  14. Sapiosexual (mfm, Chelbie, Nick, Richard)
  15. A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day (various)
  16. Things Made Right (mf, Ross and Loren)
  17. Click (various)
  18. Spank or Treat (various, Seth and Leah, various)
  19. A Turn of the Screwed (mmf, Keith, Scott, and Noel)
  20. Chains (mmf, Rebecca, Logan, and Toby)
  21. Kinko de Mayo (various, Cali, Max, Sean, various)
  22. Broken Arrow (mmf, Brooke, Cody, and Justin)
  23. Out of the Spotlight (mmf, Lucas, Leigh, and Nick) [Note: Events lead into book 24.)
  24. Friends Like These (various) [Note: Events lead into book 25.]
  25. Vicious Carousel (mmf, Betsy, Kenny, and Nolan) [Note: Picks up where book 24 leaves off.]
  26. Hot Sauce (mmf, Vanessa, Reed, & Lyle)
  27. Open Doors (mf, Marcia & Derrick & history of Venture, introduces Amelia from One Ring)
  28. One Ring (mfm, Don, Amelia, Carl)
  29. Vulnerable (mm, Leo and Jesse)
  30. The Strength of the Pack (mf, Eva, Nate, a direct sequel to Vulnerable)
  31. Initiative (mmf, Susie Costello, Darryl, Grant)
  32. Impact (mmf, Tilly, Cris, and Landry)
  33. Liability (mmf, Kim, Cole, Mason)
  34. Switchy (mmf, Em, Jarred, Garrison)
  35. Rhymes With Orange (mmmf, Ned, Dani, Hunter, Todd)
  36. Beware Falling Ice (mf, Rachel, Andrew) [South Dakota Trilogy 1]
  37. Beware Falling Rocks (mf, Lynn, Paul) [South Dakota Trilogy 2]
  38. Dangerous Curves Ahead (mmm, Justin, Wade, Glen) [South Dakota Trilogy 3]
  39. Two Against Nature (mf, Holly, Walt)
  40. Home at Last (mm, Ben, Jake)
  41. A Kinkmas Carol (various, Seth, Kaden, Leah, & others)
  42. Ask DNA (mfm, Kirby, Davis, Melanie; hero on the Autism spectrum)
  43. Time Out of Mind (mm, Doyle and Mevi)
  44. Happy Valenkink’s Day (various, Tilly, Landry, Cris, Leigh, Lucas, nick, Rusty, Eliza, various)
  45. Splendid Isolation (mm, Everett and Wylie)
  46. Similar to Rain (mm, Arlin, Lee)
  47. Happy Spank Patrick’s Day (various, Cali, Sean, Max, and others)
  48. Fire in the Hole (mf, FemDom, Brad and Lara, sequel to Splendid Isolation)
  49. Pretzel Logic (mf, Ethan and Brita)
  50. This Moody Bastard (mmf, Cali, Sean, Max, and others)
  51. Walk Between the Raindrops (mf, June and Scrye)
  52. Rub Me Raw (mm, Victor and Simon)
  53. Any World That I’m Welcome To (mmf, mm, mf Neil, Dexter, and Tamsin)
  54. Heartache Spoken Here (mmm, Brandon, Jeff, and Stuart)
  55. Roll With the Punches (mmm, Brandon, Jeff, and Stuart)
  56. See You Sometime (mf, Axel and Skye)
  57. Borderline (mm, mmm, some mf, mmmf, reverse harem, Bob’s story)
  58. A Case of You (mmm, Brandon, Jeff, and Stuart)
  59. Reconsider Me (mm, Joel and Fenton)
  60. Never Too Late for Love (mmmf, reverse harem, Landry, Cris, Tilly, and Bob)
  61. Blues Beach (mf, Tracey and Eric)
  62. Happy Spanksgiving (mmf, Cali, Sean, and Max)
  63. Our Gravity (mm, Bryce and Dustin)
  64. Friends in Common (mmf, mf Cali, Sean, and Max; Rusty and Eliza)
  65. Almost Gothic (mf, FemDom, Rusty and Eliza)
  66. Empty-Handed Heart (mmf, Niall, Aiden, and Etsu; heroine with asthma)
  67. Steady Rain (mmf, Kyle, Tristan, and Jessica)
  68. Indifference of Heaven (mm, Boyd and Caleb)
  69. Like the Seasons (mm, Boyd and Caleb, sequel to Indifference of Heaven)
  70. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (mmmmf, IR, reverse harem, Arden, Ken, Steve, Trace, & Hal)
  71. Through With Love (mmm, Kent, Tim and Paul, sequel to Indifference of Heaven)
  72. Judgment of the Moon and Stars (mm, Jackson and Noah)
  73. For the Roses (mf, interracial, Elvin and Meredith)
  74. A Spanktacular Fourth (mmf, Cali, Sean, and Max)
  75. Blue Motel Room (mm, ff, Ron and Ivan, Kimbra and Eve, sequel to For the Roses)
  76. A Crafty Ever After (mmf, Cali, Sean, and Max)
  77. Come in From the Cold (mm, Connor and Douglas)
  78. Things to Do in Denver (mf, Tony and Shayla)
  79. Court and Spark (mm, Joel and Fenton, sequel to Reconsider Me)
  80. Searching for a Heart (mf, Milo and Maddie, sequel to Court and Spark)
  81. A Certain Girl (mf, Eliza and Rusty, sequel to Almost Gothic)
  82. Disorder in the House (mmm, Justin, Wade, and Glen, sequel to Dangerous Curves Ahead)
  83. Suit and Tied (various)
  84. Happy Spank-O-Ween (various)
  85. Numb As a Statue (mm, Colton and Rom)
  86. Word of Mouth (mm, Gordon and Jonah)
  87. Real or Not (mm, Brett and Kodie)
  88. Simple Man, Simple Dream (mm, Ryland and Deacon)
  89. You Don’t Know What Love Is (mm, Colton and Rom, sequel to Numb As a Statue)
  90. My Old Man (mm, Gordon and Jonah, sequel to Word of Mouth)
  91. A New Chapter (mm, Colton and Rom, sequel to You Don’t Know What Love Is)
  92. It’ll Be Fun (mf, mmf, various)
  93. Follow Me (mf, Askel and Mallory)
  94. Excitable Boy (mf, Tony and Shayla)
  95. Night by Night (mm, Hank and Maddox)
  96. Good Friends (mm, Porter and Gavin)
  97. One Week Last Summer (mm, Roger and Finn, Coming Soon)

There are MANY more books planned for this series.

“When will the next Suncoast Society book come out?” — The next one is in progress but I cannot yet give you an approximate time of when it will be finished and published.

Where to start?

I’m frequently asked where someone “should” start in the series. Some people like to read from book 1 onward. Since the books are standalone, you can pick and choose from them, although you might miss some inside jokes and backstory you’d recognize from earlier books.

If someone is completely new to the BDSM genre and wants to learn more about it, sometimes it’s better they start with some of the “gentler” books.

A Roll of the Dice (MF pairing) is about an average, middle-aged couple now faced with an empty nest when their son goes off to college. They delve into BDSM as a way to spice up their marriage. Sometimes, people new to BDSM don’t understand “why” someone would want that kind of dynamic, and it’s a great way to introduce the softer side of it.

Likewise, Domme by Default (MF pairing) is another good “starter” story. It’s about a man who, after several years of marriage, reveals he actually wants his wife to top him, and how they both adjust to that, and the allowances each makes so both can get what they need from the relationship.

The Denim Dom (MF pairing) is Tony and Shayla’s story. She signs on to be his submissive to learn about BDSM for a magazine article series she’s writing. But what started out as a professional arrangement turns very personal. She starts out with some preconceived and legitimate prejudices against BDSM for her own personal reasons, and is shocked to discover things about herself she never realized before.

If you are no stranger to menages, The Reluctant Dom (MFM pairing) is a good one to introduce someone to the lifestyle. A man is dying, and he wants to make sure his wife and slave are taken care of after he goes, so he enlists the help of his best friend to carry on in his footsteps after he’s gone. His friend is totally shocked by this and has to be walked through the hows and whys of BDSM.

See You Sometime (MF pairing) is an old-loves-reunited tale, but it’s the experienced female submissive who has to teach the inexperienced male Dominant about the lifestyle. Skye has to help Axel understand the whys and hows of the lifestyle, and the question is can he find his own path through it to come up with a solution that will work for both of them?

Vulnerable is a MM story about an inexperienced male Dom who pairs up with an experienced male submissive.

For the Roses is a MF story, an experienced female submissive with a new male Top.

Notes, Story Arcs, Related Books:

There are many, many more books planned for this series.

Since it is a mostly standalone series, existing characters frequently walk through each others’ books, and new characters will debut in future books. However, some of the books tie in directly with other books. I try to note on each book’s page when there are related books, but that’s a work in progress.

(Hint: always read the Author’s Note in the front of EVERY book. LOL I started adding references to previous books the characters are featured in, although they may have appeared in more books as secondary characters.)

The timeline for the series is “fluid.” While there technically is a chronological order, many of the books overlap each other, or take place concurrently.

The original Suncoast Society munch group was comprised of (among others): Kaden & Leah, Marcia & Derrick, Judge Pat Donnelly, Ed & Hope Payne, Tilly, Cris, Gilo, Tony, Ross & Loren, Walt, Rusty & Eliza, Kel, June & Scrye, Mac & Sully, Sean & Max, Mike & Julie Foster.

Here are some of the more established story arcs/connected books:

Tony Daniels first appears in Domme by Default and The Reluctant Dom. His feature book is The Denim Dom, and we see a follow-up vignette in Click. Tony and Shayla are also featured in Things to Do in Denver, It’ll Be Fun, and Excitable Boy, plus they make minor appearances in many of the books, including Pinch Me and Suit and Tied.

Tilly Cardinal and her men (Cris and Landry) appear in many books as secondary characters, but their featured story arc to date is comprised of:

Marcia and Derrick opened and run Venture, the BDSM club that started after the Suncoast Society parties grew unwieldy to hold at private homes. They have been featured in Spank or Treat, Open Doors, Suit and Tied, and It’ll Be Fun.

Mallory (the group’s original “Mal”) and Askel (“Kel”) have a complex story that starts in His Canvas and then winds through several other books: A Kinkmas Carol, Happy Spank Patrick’s Day, This Moody Bastard, Walk Between the Raindrops, Friends in Common, Almost Gothic, Happy Spank-O-Ween, It’ll Be Fun, and then they are featured again in Follow Me.

His Canvas introduces Chelbie, whose story is told in Sapiosexual.

Out of the Spotlight, Friends Like These, and Vicious Carousel form a trilogy story arc.

Vicious Carousel is a prequel to Walk Between the Raindrops (June and Scrye’s feature book).

Scrye and June’s story arc also contains a few follow-up stories about the apartment she used to live in.

Open Doors leads into One Ring, introducing Amelia, whose story is told in One Ring.

The Strength of the Pack is a direct sequel to Vulnerable, and picks up exactly where the previous book leaves off.

Kaden, Leah, and Seth books. (They appear in several others as minor characters. Some are Leah and Seth only.):

A Merry Little Kinkmas sets up an interesting conundrum for Clarisse (Safe Harbor) that plays out in A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day.

A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day sets up the foreshadowing for Ross and Loren’s tale in Things Made Right. (Which, if you’ve read Safe Harbor, will make even more sense.)

The “South Dakota Trilogy” story arc contains the following three books:

Justin, Wade, and Glen have a follow-up book to Dangerous Curves Ahead in Disorder in the House, plus they make minor appearances in other books.

Fire in the Hole is a direct sequel to Splendid Isolation, but you don’t have to read that book first to understand the events. They also introduce Ev’s sister, Eve, whose story is featured in Blue Motel Room.

Blue Motel Room also features Ivan, Ron, and Kimbra, Walt’s ex. We first meet Ron in For the Roses. Kimbra is first introduced in Two Against Nature, and has appeared as a secondary character in several books, including Our Gravity. Eve first appears in Splendid Isolation and Fire in the Hole.

Good Friends is a direct sequel to Blue Motel Room and features Porter, who was introduced in Blue Motel Room.

Cali, Max, and Sean, who run Two Crafty Bastards Toys and volunteer at Venture, several feature books, and appear as secondary characters in several other books. There are more books planned for this triad.

Brandon, Jeff, and Stuart have a multi-book story arc:

And Brandon’s ex-wife, Tracey, gets her story in Blues Beach. (Yes, there will be more books about all of them.)

A sub-group of the Suncoast Society munch participants are (mostly) old friends from high school with an ongoing D&D group. This includes:

Axel (See You Sometime) was briefly introduced in A Roll of the Dice and Initiative.

Rusty and Eliza float throughout the series and appear in quite a few books. Most notably:

Fenton (Fen) and Joel first appear in Reconsider Me, with a follow-up in Court and Spark. They also appear in Searching for a Heart and Happy Spank-O-Ween.

Tim, Paul, and Kent appear in several books (and will be in several more), because Kent’s turned out to be quite the matchmaker himself:

Gilo (John Gilomen) is one of the original members of the Suncoast Society munch group. He is an unrepentant SAM who is also a switch (with his wife, Abbey) and who makes brief appearances in many of the books (especially during weddings/collarings). Most notably in:


Venture is based in part on the real-life Tampa Bay Phoenix Club. The Suncoast Society munches are based on the Sarasota Society group munches. The “party invites” are also based on the Sarasota Society invites (used with the kind permission of my old friend and mentor, Rigger, the host of the Sarasota Society munch group).

The phrase “things made right” isn’t just a title for one of the books. It’s also spoken by several characters throughout other books, sometimes without specific knowledge of what it means to Ross and Loren, while also having the same (or similar) intent. (And to avoid spoilers, you’ll just have to read it. LOL)

Many of the heroes and heroines in this series are in their forties or older.

Cali’s cat, Baxter, is based on Tymber’s own cat, Grimmy. Abbey’s pet tortoise, George, was inspired by Tymber’s pet tortoise, Sheldon. Rebecca’s dog, Chewi, is based on Tymber’s dog, Gidget.


Some of the books in the series have FemDom elements (even if minor or between secondary characters in the book) or are more FemDom in nature.

Health Issues:

Some of my books feature main characters dealing with health (physical or mental) issues, either chronic or acute:

Related Characters/Stories Outside the Suncoast Society:

Ray, Oot, and kitten from Safe Harbor also appear in Love Slave for Two: Beginnings and kitten’s tale.

Tony Daniels also makes a vanilla appearance in Two Geeks and Their Girl.

Purson Gibraltar snuck into A Clean Sweep and Steady Rain from his normal home in the Good Will Ghost Hunting series.

Ryan Ausar snuck into Come In From the Cold and Real or Not from his normal home in the Good Will Ghost Hunting and Triple Trouble series.

The Series Covers:

(Click on a cover to go to the book’s information page. I am in the process of reformatting the print versions, and where applicable the new print cover is what appears in the table. When single titles are collected into a print anthology, I’ve listed the print anthology at the top of the table.)

Suncoast Society Volume 27: Open Doors (Book 27), One Ring (Book 28)
Suncoast Society Volume 23: Out of the Spotlight (Book 23), Friends Like These (Book 24), Vicious Carousel (Book 25)
Suncoast Society Volume 20: Chains (Book 20), Kinko de Mayo (Book 21), Broken Arrow (Book 22)
Suncoast Society Volume 15: A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day (Book 15), Things Made Right (Book 16), Click (Book 17), Spank or Treat (Book 18)
Suncoast Society Volume 12: Crafty Bastards (Book 12) & A Merry Little Kinkmas (Book 13)
Suncoast Society Volume 10: His Canvas (Book 10) & Sapiosexual (Book 14)
Good Friends (Suncoast Society)
Night by Night (Suncoast Society)
Excitable Boy (Suncoast Society)
Follow Me (Suncoast Society)
It'll Be Fun (Suncoast Society)
A New Chapter (Suncoast Society)
My Old Man (Suncoast Society)
You Don't Know What Love Is (Suncoast Society)
Simple Man, Simple Dream (Suncoast Society)
Real or Not (Suncoast Society)
Word of Mouth (Suncoast Society)
Numb As a Statue (Suncoast Society)
Happy Spank-O-Ween (Suncoast Society)
Suit and Tied (Suncoast Society)
Disorder in the House (Suncoast Society)
A Certain Girl (Suncoast Society)
Searching for a Heart (Suncoast Society)
Court and Spark (Suncoast Society)
Things to Do in Denver (Suncoast Society)
Come In From the Cold (Suncoast Society)
A Crafty Ever After (Suncoast Society)
Blue Motel Room (Suncoast Society)
A Spanktacular Fourth (Suncoast Society)
cover for For the Roses (Suncoast Society 73)
Judgment of the Moon and Stars (Suncoast Society)
Through With Love (Suncoast Society)
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Suncoast Society)
Like the Seasons (Suncoast Society)
Indifference of Heaven (Suncoast Society)
Steady Rain (Suncoast Society)
Empty-Handed Heart (Suncoast Society)
Almost Gothic (Suncoast Society)
Friends in Common (Suncoast Society)
Our Gravity (Suncoast Society)
Happy Spanksgiving (Suncoast Society)
Blues Beach (Suncoast Society)
Never Too Late for Love (Suncoast Society)
Reconsider Me (Suncoast Society)
A Case of You (Suncoast Society)
Borderline (Suncoast Society)
See You Sometime (Suncoast Society)
Roll With the Punches (Suncoast Society)
Heartache Spoken Here (Suncoast Society)
Any World That I'm Welcome To (Suncoast Society)
Rub Me Raw (Suncoast Society)
Walk Between the Raindrops (Suncoast Society)
This Moody Bastard (Suncoast Society)
Pretzel Logic (Suncoast Society)
Fire in the Hole (Suncoast Society)
Happy Spank Patrick's Day (Suncoast Society)
Similar to Rain (Suncoast Society)
Splendid Isolation (Suncoast Society)
Happy Valenkink's Day (Suncoast Society)
Time Out of Mind (Suncoast Society)
Ask DNA (Suncoast Society)
A Kinkmas Carol (Suncoast Society)
Home at Last (Suncoast Society)
Two Against Nature (Suncoast Society)
Dangerous Curves Ahead (Suncoast Society)
Beware Falling Rocks (Suncoast Society)
Beware Falling Ice (Suncoast Society)
Rhymes With Orange (Suncoast Society)
Switchy (Suncoast Society)
Liability (Suncoast Society)
Impact (Suncoast Society)
Initiative (Suncoast Society)
The Strength of the Pack (Suncoast Society)
Vulnerable (Suncoast Society)
One Ring (Suncoast Society)
Open Doors (Suncoast Society)
Hot Sauce (Suncoast Society)
Vicious Carousel (Suncoast Society)
Friends Like These (Suncoast Society)
Out of the Spotlight (Suncoast Society)
Broken Arrow (Suncoast Society)
Kinko de Mayo (Suncoast Society)
Chains (Suncoast Society)
A Turn of the Screwed (Suncoast Society)
Spank or Treat (Suncoast Society)
Click (Suncoast Society)
Things Made Right (Suncoast Society)
A Very Kinky Valentine's Day (Suncoast Society)
Sapiosexual (Suncoast Society)
A Merry Little Kinkmas (Suncoast Society)
Crafty Bastards (Suncoast Society)
A Lovely Shade of Ouch (Suncoast Society)
His Canvas (Suncoast Society)
A Roll of the Dice (Suncoast Society)
A Clean Sweep (Suncoast Society)
Broken Toy (Suncoast Society)
Pinch Me (Suncoast Society)
The Denim Dom (Suncoast Society)
The Reluctant Dom (Suncoast Society)
Cardinal's Rule (Suncoast Society)
Domme by Default (Suncoast Society)
Safe Harbor (Suncoast Society)
kitten's tale (A Suncoast Society / Love Slave for Two crossover story.)

German Translations

Ihre Vampir Leidenschaft (Mitternacht Doms 7)[German Edition]
Sicherer Hafen (Safe Harbor - Suncoast Society Book 1)[German]
Von Haus aus Domme (Domme by Default - Suncoast Society 2) [German]
Cardinal's Rule (Suncoast Society Book 3)[German]
Der zögerliche Dom (The Reluctant Dom - Suncoast Society 4)[German]
Der Denim-Dom (The Denim Dom - Suncoast Society 5)[German]
Ärger Kommt Selten Allein (Ärger-im-Dreierpack-Reihe 1 / Trouble Comes in Threes - Triple Trouble series 1)[German]
Sturmwarnung (Ärger-im-Dreierpack-Reihe 2 / Triple Trouble series book 2)[German]
Nacht Der Drei Hunde (Ärger-im-Dreierpack-Reihe 3 / Triple Trouble series book 3)[German]
Feuerprobe (Ärger-im-Dreierpack-Reihe 4 / Triple Trouble series book 4)[German]

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    The first book I read by Tymber was The Relucant Dom, since then I have been hooked on on this series. The book was my first one of this genre and was so well written I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Beautiful story.

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