Source: National Hurricane Center

I can’t imagine weather forecasters all over aren’t making off-air jokes about the potential for the tropical blob currently in the Gulf of Mexico to become Debby in the next day or so.

The nice thing is, this is a huge drought-buster for the state of Florida. I know Georgia is probably hoping some of this mass ends up sitting over the top of them for a while as well.

It’s the price we pay for living in paradise. But it’s looking more and more like Debby won’t be a monster (I hope!). We don’t mind tropical systems as long as they stay on the low end of the scale. People think Florida is this wet place, when the truth is, we get pretty bad droughts in the winter months. If you look at the globe, you’ll see we’re located in the desert zones. Just because we’re surrounded by water doesn’t mean we’re always “wet.” And the fact that so many people move here wanting lush, green lawns (which means using precious water resources) puts a really big dent in our water table.

Rain gooood. Very good. We can do without the wind, but we love the rain.

So I’m spending my Saturday looking at my weather radar channel (which I play muted all day while working and listening to music on my iPod) while I’m working on finishing “Love Slave for Two: Reckoning” to turn in at the end of the month.

I also ordered a BUNCH of goodies this week to give away at The Romance Convention in Dallas in August. If you can, please try to get there, because it will be an EPIC good time.

And I’m going to be putting together a special button you can order (at cost) from either CafePress or Zazzle for my readers to wear at the convention. The first five readers who come up to me that weekend wearing said button will get a special goodie bag from me. 🙂

Also, due to requests from readers, I’ve created a chat list for my readers. No promo, please, but feel free to discuss other books if you want. It doesn’t replace my email announcement newsletter, but people have been asking me for a chat list and I finally got around to creating it. LOL

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