Wx Alert: Heads up!

Hurricane Arthur is spinning off the eastern coast of the US. Anyone in that region needs to pay attention to this storm. Here are a couple of links for you to stay up to date: National Hurricane Center FLHurricane.com – This page isn’t just for Florida storms. They track all Atlantic storms, and have a WEALTH … Read More

Hurricane Sandy – PAY ATTENTION!

Photo Source Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the NE United States. Folks, I cannot emphasize this highly enough, this is a MONSTER storm. Its sheer size alone will create havoc when it moves onshore and takes out chunks of the power grid in its path. And don’t pay attention to the LBL (little black line) … Read More

Hunkering down…

Ugh. I hate hurricane season. Fortunately, Isaac will personally be more of an annoyance than a  serious problem. I can’t say that for the rest of our area. We aren’t in a flood zone, but as the RNC found out, downtown Tampa is. Not to mention Pinellas county is a peninsula connected to other land … Read More

Weather Tweeters

Okay, for you Tweeps, here’s a list of weather tweeters in case you want to follow them to keep track of #Debby. (And if you want to follow me, I’m @madmumbler ) @CraigatFEMA @StormTeam8WFL @TBOcom @TripicalATL @BrooksGarner @weatherchannel @JimCantore @HurricaneHD @twc_hurricane @wunderground @hurricanes @storm2k_org @twcbreaking @breakingstorm @NWSMelbourne @hurricanetrack @HurricaneCity @Watkinstrack @BigJoeBastardi @cfhc @NASAHurricane @CNN_HurricaneHQ @StormVisuals … Read More

Hurry up and wait…

Hurry up and wait… “Hey, Mom, can I have ice cream, because you said we need to eat stuff out of the freezer and we don’t want it to melt.” You can’t argue with a 12 year-old’s logic, can you? So now I’m sitting in my boarded-up house (ie CAVE) waiting for TS Fay (or … Read More