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[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, BBW, public exhibitionism, shibari, edge play, blood play, knife play, sex toys, HEA]

Mallory has a crazy, overbearing uncle, college, a job, and the best friend any woman could ask for. She enjoys her time at the BDSM club, but she’s no skinny rope bunny. She certainly isn’t looking for love when handsome rigger and photographer Kel volunteers to play with her.

Had Kel known the beautiful, curvaceous woman wanted to be suspended, he would’ve volunteered a long time ago. She’s a gorgeous, full-figured woman he’d love to put his hands—and marks—all over. Still, her personal situation makes him reluctant to get involved. Not to mention he worries his darker side and love of edge play will scare her away.

When push comes to shove and another rigger moves in, Kel stakes out his territory, pleasantly surprised to discover Mallory wants to become his canvas—and nurture her own darker desires. The problem is, can they overcome the legal nightmare her uncle tosses at her, or will it tear them apart?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Mallory’s first impression of the renowned rigger was that of a creepy middle-aged guy desperately trying to recapture his youth.

But she knew she’d have to keep it together so she didn’t disappoint Kel. She wanted him to be proud of her, to do a good job so that, maybe, it’d give her a chance to be more to him than just a friend and roommate and play partner.

So after Jaymzon and his three guys brought their equipment into the club and got everything set up, and she’d filled out and signed all the release forms, she played along with Jaymzon’s banter, his sexy teasing, his not-so-subtle innuendoes that probably worked on many of the models he dealt with.

She could play the game as well as anyone else.

But she kept her focus, whenever possible, firmly on Kel.

That was the only way she knew she wouldn’t lose her composure and end up embarrassing herself and Kel, both.

Jaymzon wanted to start with the most difficult rigs first, progressing to the easier stuff later as energy levels and stamina lagged. During the first rig, which involved a crazy mix of colored plastic cling wrap, bubble wrap, chains, and some barbed wire, she forced her brain to settle and focus on memories of playing with Kel, how it felt to have his hands on her, ignoring the not-so-accidental incidental contact Jaymzon had with her breasts or between her legs while doing the initial rigging.

Kel acted very quiet. Whether because it was a shoot and he was trying to stay out of the way, or for some other reason, she couldn’t tell. Although it seemed his usually placid expression looked far darker than she ever remembered.

Except for when he’d shown up to rescue her from her uncle.

Jaymzon was going for a weird industrial fusion vibe and had set up a chain fall to do the actual hoisting. She was a little surprised when Kel stepped in, insisting on fully testing the rig to his satisfaction before allowing the actual suspension to go forward.

Jaymzon stood there, arms crossed over his enormous and likely steroid-assisted pecs, as Kel checked it out.

“You don’t think I know my job?” the older rigger asked.

Mallory suspected from the man’s tone of voice that he wasn’t used to people challenging him. And that he damn sure didn’t like it.

Kel, outweighed and a couple of inches shorter than the man, didn’t flinch. “She’s my model,” he said in a tone she didn’t quite recognize. “You of all people should understand that responsibility. She’s here because I asked her to fill in, and it’s her first gig.”

Well, okay, Kel hadn’t exactly asked her, but Mallory wasn’t about to correct him.

Jaymzon held up his palms, placating Kel. “Whoa, chill. Didn’t mean any disrespect.” Then the rigger looked at her, his gaze narrowing and a smile filling his face, chilling her.

Mallory fought the urge to shudder in revulsion.

* * * *

Fuck. Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fucking christ why the hell did I tell him it was her first fucking gig?

He might as well have dropped a slab of raw cow inside a pit of starving lions and expected them not to pounce. It’d been hard enough on him watching the man pawing at Mal while he’d rigged her. This was a far different scenario than when she played with his friends during a scene.

His friends weren’t trying to poach her out from under him, were only interested in topping her, not taking her from him. His friends recognized boundaries and never did anything she didn’t want done.

Jaymzon turned his back on Kel and walked over to where Mal was motionlessly waiting in the tied rig for the suspension portion to continue.

“Your very first gig, huh?” He chuckled. “Kel didn’t warn me I had a virgin. Had I known that, I would have brought more gear. I’m always on the lookout for new talent.”

Kel knew his next words risked farking both his relationship with Mal, as well as jeopardizing the job he was currently doing. “My other model flaked out at the last minute today. I couldn’t get another one to replace her in time. When I said Mal is my model, I wasn’t specific enough. Allow me to clarify. I meant Mal is mine.”

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Excerpt: His Canvas (Suncoast Society 10) releasing Friday!
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