12687943_1020678441324853_8021500161328419975_nI’m on deadline. (What’s new?) I’m behind. (Again, what’s new?) Finally woke up not hacking up a lung, so that’s a plus. A week since we had to send Apache to the Rainbow Bridge, and we’re still trying to get used to the smaller furbaby household. Gidget has been getting more cookies than usual.

And I might or might not have let her lick my plate the other night. (Normally something that is NEVER allowed in our household.)

My big accomplishment last week between being sick, being heartbroken, and slogging through edits was ordering myself a new mouse because my old one is dying. (I’ve apparently dropped it one too many times and it’s starting to act up.) Can’t be just any mouse, though. Nope. Not for this OCD Taurus. Must be JUST LIKE THE OLD ONE. For years I use a Logitech trackball, and still love those things, except they’re corded. The new mouse I use is a cordless Logitech M325 and has the dongle that works with a lot of their keyboards. Very important, since I use a cordless Logitech solar keyboard with my laptop while at my desk. I don’t have to keep swapping stuff around this way. The exact pattern of the one I have was a little pricey, so I went cheap and got a plain blue one.

I know this sounds weird and petty, but the way I’ve managed (so far, touch wood) to avoid repetitive motion injuries is by being picky and having a routine (OCD for the win!) and that includes items that allow me to work efficiently without causing my hands and wrists harm. And since I also have arthritis in addition to my fibromyalgia, this is even more important.

So, anyway. In book news, I swapped names around in pending releases. Triple Trouble 8 is now called Power of Three and is slated for an April 29, 2016 release with Siren. Triple Trouble 9 is By the Embers Dies the Fire and is slated for a May 13, 2016 release. (Yay, Friday the 13th! LOL And just after my birthday, too.) I know I originally said book 8 would have the BtEDtF title, but I changed my mind because I think it fits book 9 better. And Siren, being very accommodating to this OCD Taurus, was nice enough to allow me to make the change.  (I don’t ask for stuff like that very often from them. I try to be a low-maintenance author.) I’d been bouncing titles around and when I submitted the manuscript, I was still struggling with which title to give it. By the time I got to book 9 I realized I’d chosen wrongly. Fortunately, it was just a paperwork issue for them to change at that point and not a big deal. (Yay!) And I’m finishing up Dual Porpoise, Placida Pod 5 (Wyatt’s story) which ties into the Triple Trouble world. Look for it around May/June or thereabouts.

Okay, so here’s the latest administrivia to help pay the bills. I use Amazon affiliate codes because it puts a few extra pennies in my pocket every month to help me keep the lights on here at Chez Dalton, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra for the click-through. Freebies are after the jump…

bleacke_shifters_box_set_1_200x300I’ve put out a box set for my Bleacke Shifters series (books 1-3) writing as Lesli Richardson. I’m shooting for a June release for book 4, Bleacke Spirit.

There’s no new content, so if you already have the first three books, you don’t need the box set. I just wanted to have one out there for when I get the next books put out. All of the books in this series are complete novel-length books with no cliffhangers. (None of that serial stuff.)

TheGreatTurning_book1_200x300Also, if you missed it, I have a sci-fi/dystopian/post-apocalyptic novel called The Great Turning, writing as Lesli Richardson. And it’s available in print as well as e-book. Nope, not an erotic book, although it does have a romance in it. Again, it’s a long novel, complete and standalone although the first in the trilogy. No cliffhangers. I’m working to finish edits on books 2 and 3 in the trilogy. Book 2 covers the ancestors of the characters in book 1 and how The Great Turning happened, and book 3 follows the descendants of book 1.

Liability (Suncoast Society 33, MMF, BDSM) is available from Siren-BookStrand and should be coming to third-party sites soon. I’ll be submitting Switchy (Suncoast Society 34, MMF, BDSM) this month. So look for that around May/June.

ss-td-bs-tonyscollection3ICYMI, there’s a boxed set out for my Suncoast Society books, Tony’s Collection, which contains The Reluctant Dom, Domme by Default, and The Denim Dom. If you don’t have one or more of those books, it’s a great deal to add them to your collection.

Again, no new content, just a great value if you need to complete your collection. 🙂

LSFT3-audiobookAnd Love Slave for Two: Reunions (Book 4) is now available as an audiobook. I don’t have control of which Siren books end up as audiobooks when, that’s in the publisher’s hands.

I was told that there are more in production as audiobooks, so once I’m alerted to those hitting the market I’ll be sure to announce it.

And now…on to the freebies, as well as some peep pimpage! (The non-marshmallowy kind of peeps.)


Remember that the freebies I’m posting are free as of when I posted them. Double-check the price before you one-click. I make no assertions to the quality of the books, only that they’re free as of the time of posting. And please check out the peep linkage as well in case there’s anything that catches your eye. Thanks! 🙂

And now for the not-free… 🙂

So there you go, plenty of yummy reading to keep you occupied this week. 🙂 Happy Monday!

#FreebieAlert 3/28/2016 – Monday Mania Peep Pimpage (Non-Marshmallowy Kind)
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