me-td-bs-specialcollection3If you are subscribed to the alerts for my author page at BookStrand, you probably received an e-mail yesterday about a new preorder for my Tymber Dalton Special Collection 1.

Some of you might or might know I wrote three books as Macy Largo and Tessa Monroe for Siren. (Hence why those pen names are in my blog header image. LOL) I also write as Lesli Richardson (my real name).

A few years ago, Siren had two special collections they were publishing, invitation-only. I wrote Sunset Hearts and Dead Moon Rising as Macy Largo, and Sarasota Steam as Tessa Monroe. Unfortunately, name recognition is key. To this day there are still some people who don’t realize those are also “my” books. (Again I refer you to my blog header image. LOL) So Siren decided to re-release them in a box set with my Tymber Dalton pen name.

There is NO new content, so if you already own those books, don’t re-buy them.

However, if you don’t have any of them, here’s your chance to get them at a great deal.

What you might not also realize is that my books Stoneface and Hernando Heat were also going to be related to these two collections, but Siren opted to publish them as Tymber.

I also released books 1-3 in my Bleacke Shifters series (as Lesli Richardson) in a box set. No new content, but if you don’t have the books, it’s a bargain. Look for book 4 around June.

Liability (Suncoast Society 33, MMF, BDSM) is available from Siren-BookStrand and should be coming to third-party sites soon. I’ll be submitting Switchy (Suncoast Society 34, MMF, BDSM) this month. So look for that around May/June.

ss-td-bs-tonyscollection3ICYMI, there’s a boxed set out for my Suncoast Society books, Tony’s Collection, which contains The Reluctant Dom, Domme by Default, and The Denim Dom. If you don’t have one or more of those books, it’s a great deal to add them to your collection.


Tymber Dalton Special Collection 1

3 thoughts on “Tymber Dalton Special Collection 1

  • March 29, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    Hey Tymber —

    Speaking of your back catalog, I hope you can point some out to me.

    I’ve enjoyed several of your mmf books, but I’m not much into BDSM stories most of the time (occasional exceptions). Can you point me to some without the BDSM elements?

    Of your books (both with and without BDSM), so far I’ve read:

    Love Slave for Two
    Family Matters
    Acquainted with the Night
    More than Make-Believe
    Safe Harbor
    Sunset Hearts

    I’d love to get suggestions for further reads — sometimes it’s a chore to figure out what does or does not have BDSM. Thanks!

    • March 29, 2016 at 1:50 pm

      @Plainbrownwrapper – Thanks for reading! 🙂

      As far as MMF, I also have Sunset Hearts and Dead Moon Rising writing as Macy Largo, and Sarasota Steam as Tessa Monroe. Also, my Deep Space Mission Corps series (MMMF) doesn’t have BDSM in it.

      My book Contractual Obligation is VERY light BDSM and is MMF, even lighter than what’s in my Love Slave for Two series. Fierce Radiance is also MMF with BDSM undertones, but it’s mostly the dynamic, not impact play.

      Now, I have a lot of MFM books that don’t have BDSM:

      My Coffeeshop Coven series
      My Drunk Monkeys series
      Two Geeks and Their Girl
      Hernando Heat

      My Triple Trouble series is mostly MFM or MFMM, with some MM and MF in it, and one book (Fire and Ice) has some BDSM in it between secondary characters.

      If you don’t mind a non-erotic book, my book The Great Turning (writing as Lesli Richardson) is MMF.

      I also have books that are MF that don’t have BDSM in them (Out of the Darkness, Red Tide, Good Will Ghost Hunting series, Brimstone Vampire series, Cross Country Chaos, and my Bleacke Shifters series.)

      Hope this helps, and thank you! 🙂

      The complete list of all my books under all my pen names is at:

      • March 29, 2016 at 2:04 pm

        Thanks — I’ll check these out!

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