Remember that in the US, this Memorial Day weekend isn’t just about barbecues and a three-day weekend.

It’s not just about getting to watch a car race on TV.

This weekend is about remembering all those who died during their service to our country in the armed forces. They aren’t just numbers, statistics. They had lives and loved ones.

And for some families, every weekend is “memorial day weekend.”

To all who have served, and their families, thank you for your service.

Now, having said that, let’s lighten the tone a little. I’ve got several books coming out soon, and a few freebies for you to enjoy, along with some peep pimpage. (My Amazon affiliate code is embedded in the links, meaning if you buy something, I get a few pennies and it doesn’t cost you a dime.)

s-td-ss-switchy3Switchy (Suncoast Society 34, MMF, BDSM) releases on Monday, May 30, and is available for pre-order now. You can read an excerpt from it, too.


Note: It takes 4-6 weeks for books to be released to third-party sites. I have no control over that. If you have a Kindle, you can order directly from Siren-BookStrand and have the file sent right to your device/app. If you have another kind of device, or read on a tablet, you can buy other format files from Siren-BookStrand and either download them or transfer them to your device. Nook | Kobo | iPad | BookStrand App via iTunes or Google Play for Android (Includes FREE books!)


Em Woodland’s parents moved in with her three years ago, and it wasn’t her idea. Her mother’s meddling has killed Em’s love life. After her busybody mom calls the cops on two new guys next door, Em has apologies to make.

Jarred and Garrison are thirteen months into grieving the death of their love and Owner, Janis. Then Jarred inherits his uncle’s house next door to single cutie, Em. They’re willing to overlook her mom’s antics for the welcomed distraction Em brings to their life. As the three grow close, the men admit their desired dynamic to independent Em.

She’s willing to try it. Two hot and sexy Alpha hunks at her beck and call? Yes, please!

But family drama and deadly close calls take Em over the edge and leave her unable to care for herself. Can she let go and let her two switchy men take the reins and prove to her that they want her for life?

me-td-tt-embersdiesthefire1By the Embers Dies the Fire (Triple Trouble 9, mfmm, wolf shifters) is also now available from BookStrand! Dual Porpoise (Placida Pod 5, mf) and a tie-in will be coming in June, and Triple Trouble 10 is soon to follow in July/August.

And in case you missed it, Power of Three (Triple Trouble 8) is also available.

I have a FREE series summary for download over on my Triple Trouble series page.

Trying to get edits finished for The Great Turning books 2 and 3 so I can get the edits done on Bleacke Spirit (Bleacke Shifters 4). Yes, I’m in perpetual catch-up mode at this point.

Did you see the cover for Rhymes With Orange (Suncoast Society 35, mmmf, BDSM) coming July 4? Or my cover for Dual Porpoise (Placida Pod 5, mf)? HOT!

And now…on to the freebies!

First some non-freebies. LOL But remember, with the freebies, I make no guarantees about the quality, only that they’re free when I post them. (I do try to skim through the preview to make sure they’re not looking like a KU scammer just out for bucks.) So make sure to verify the price before you one-click.



Enjoy! 🙂

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Coming Soon:

I have a spreadsheet of all my books under my various names with the buy links to all the vendors! 🙂

I’ve got a Facebook page! 🙂

#FreebieAlert – 5/27/2016 (Memorial Day Weekend Edition)
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