Incisive (Inequitable Trilogy 3) now live on all vendors.

It’s HEEEERE! Incisive is LIVE on all vendors, completing the Inequitable Trilogy! (Paperback version is in the works.)

Incisive (Inequitable Trilogy 3) by Tymber Dalton writing as Lesli Richardson.

Indiscretion (Book 1):
Innocent (Book 2):

Elliot Woodley has dreamed about being president since he was a kid. He’s spent his entire life working toward that goal, even though it’s meant living in the deepest and darkest of closets to do so.

Except Leo saw through him. Elliot knows he should let the man go…

Yet he can’t.

He also knows Leo’s deliberately baiting him with Jordan.

Leo insists they can have it all. Jordan doesn’t seem to grasp how badly things can go if their secret escapes.

Elliot can’t stand the thought of the two of them walking off into the sunset together and leaving him behind.

But can he find the courage to ask them to stay?

Inequitable Trilogy book 3. This MMM contemporary political romance features elements of power exchange, secret workplace romances, a pants-dropping late-night tryst in the Oval Office, a switchy and possessive POTUS, close proximity, frenemies to lovers, a May/Dec age gap, a stubbornly patient Secret Service agent who’d do anything for the men he loves, a wounded veteran, smol and tall pairing, pining, and a guaranteed series HEA. It’s a standalone trilogy set in the world of the Governor Trilogy.

Incisive (Inequitable Trilogy 3) now live on all vendors.
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