Incisive (live), new audiobook (live), me (eh)

Where the hell’s Incisive…?

Remember how I said I hoped the next update would contain news about Incisive (Inequitable Trilogy 3)?

Yep yep!

Because it was already in pre-order on sites like Apple and B&N I couldn’t just convert it to “live” but I was able to move the release date to 12/28, which is the earliest it’d let me move it to. I will update the links in this post as all the vendor links come online. So keep coming back and hitting refresh if your vendor link isn’t live yet. Or save the universal link and keep visiting that and hitting refresh.

It is live and available for immediate purchase on Kindle and Smashwords, however.

This is a door-stopper of a book that came in at over 281k words, which according to the mighty ‘Zon is over 1,000 pages. (Hey, Diana Gabaldon’s latest came in at like over 900 pages, so…) But Elliot’s book is the longest I’ve ever written, and Jordan’s was pretty danged beefy, too. Hell, this one book is longer on its own than some of the other trilogies’ word counts in this world COMBINED.

Apologies in advance for free-ranging typos that tenaciously escaped capture. As you no doubt realize *gestures wildly at world and my life in general* this year has been a fucking shit-show. I’m working on formatting the paperback now, and once that’s done those who pre-ordered signed print copies will have those shipped to them. (The shipping will likely be right after New Year’s because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get over to the PO before then.)

Again, thank you for the outpouring of love and support. Today marks 8 weeks from when I found my sweet Viking after he passed, so it’s a melancholy day because he heard alllll about this book for nearly two years and he’s not here to celebrate with me now that the thing’s finally out in the wild. I’m… trying to hang in there. Not using as much Xanax now so…yay? Still feels like I’ve been punched in the chest when I remember he’s…not here anymore. Everyone tells me that it doesn’t get “easier,” but you learn to live with it. I hope so because… yeah. That can kick in any time now, thanks. There’s this huge, gaping, Viking-shaped hole in my heart and soul and life, and everything just…hurts. There is a very long Afterword in the book, a note from me. I tucked it back there because I didn’t want there to be spoilers.

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Audiobook News

Lieutenant (Governor Trilogy 2) is now available on Scribd as an audiobook and in ebook format. That makes five of my Lesli titles up there in audio format.

You can even try Scribd for FREE for 60 days!

If you’re so inclined, I would greatly appreciate ratings/reviews on them there because that might help them option more of my titles into audiobooks

So thanks for the patience, peeps. I appreciate it. ((HUGS))

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Incisive (live), new audiobook (live), me (eh)
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