Kindle Fire Giveaway!

EDITED TO ADD: I’ve emailed the winners! Please check your email. Thanks!

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You must be 18+ years of age (or an adult in your place of residence), void where prohibited.

Last Black Friday I bought several Fires at $25 a pop, and I’m giving one away! (If you’re in the US or Canada. If you’re outside the US/Canada, you’ll win a $25 Kindle gift card, because that’s the equivalent value.)

What do you have to do to win? You need to be a member of my e-mail newsletter and fill out the form. That’s it.

(Don’t forget you need to REPLY to the e-mail you’ll receive to confirm your subscription. Check your junk/spam folder if you don’t see it come through, or try to subscribe again, because you might have had a typo in your e-mail address.)

I’ll pick a random winner on 6/16/19. Also, I’ll pick 3 lucky peeps to claim their choice of two ebooks (excluding box sets/anthologies and pre-orders) from my backlist as Tymber or Lesli. I WILL cross-reference all the recipients to make sure they’re subscribed to my newsletter. (If you’re not, I’ll pick someone else.) ONE entry per person. If you enter more than that, I’ll delete all of them.

I’ll notify the winners by e-mail. If you don’t respond within 3 days, I’ll pick another winner. Please whitelist [email protected] so it doesn’t go to spam/junk mail.

(I will delete all information gathered after the winners have claimed their prizes.)

Fill out the form, read the rules, and make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter! (The current one, not the old MailChimp one, or Feedburner.)

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Giveaway Entry Link:

(Void where prohibited. YMMV. Don’t run with scissors. And get that out of your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been.)

Kindle Fire Giveaway!
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One thought on “Kindle Fire Giveaway!

  • June 3, 2019 at 10:01 pm

    Thanks Tymber/Leslie. My current Kindle turns itself off and on all by itself. And runs out of juice quicker than it used to. I think the battery is going. I don’t think that my collection folders will transfer to a new Kindle. 🙁

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