Newsletter Kindle Fire scavenger hunt coming SOOOOOON!

Newsletter Kindle Fire scavenger hunt coming SOOOOOON!

Okay, I’m putting the last touches on the holiday scavenger hunt I’ll be running for my newsletter subscribers. Up for grabs? A chance to win a new 8gig Kindle Fire 7 tablet (inside the US) or $30 in StrandBucks from BookStrand (outside the US). Why the difference? The Fire cost me $29.99 on Black Friday, … Read More

Random Giveaway Time: Suncoast Society Print Books

Comments are now closed, and I’ve picked the winners and listed them on this new post. Congrats, and stay tuned for the next giveaway! Look what’s in my hot little hands! Yes, print copies of Pinch Me and a compilation volume of Domme by Default and kitten’s tale. These, too, can be yours. (Autographed, of … Read More

New Year’s REVolutions and a giveaway.

(Giveaway closed, congrats to Pauline (paulinejon) on winning! Please email me at tymberdalton AT gmail DOT com with Book Winner in the subject line, with your full name and snail-mail address, so I can get this out to you. Thanks!) Instead of making resolutions this year that I probably might not keep, I want to … Read More

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