Two strange black cows in my front yard.

Two strange black cows in my front yard.My morning started…unexpectedly. And far earlier than I anticipated. I awakened to my front yard full (literally) of sheriff’s vehicles, the road in front of my house closed to all traffic… and two strange cows.

Strange, how?

I do not have cows. (Or steers or whatever the hell they were.) The tow straps were already on them when I entered the chat, so I don’t know if that was a deputy’s half-assed and ill-advised attempt to catch them or what. The pan of food was from a neighbor (not the cows’ owner) trying to get them to stand still for capture.

Unfortunately, they gave the sheriff’s office such a chase for several hours that they ended up shooting them. (Fortunately not in my front yard. They’d mooooved on by then.)

(Sorry. I’m sleep-deprived because I stayed up watching the Panthers/Hurricanes game last night.)

I guess of the literally ten marked vehicles in and around my yard no one thought to call a mounted patrol out there to round them up, or herd them into one of the LITERALLY a dozen pastures on either side of the road until they could locate the owner. (I don’t have a front gate or I would have just closed it and said let them stay with us until you find the owner.)


RIP Mystery Moos. At least their final hours were full of anarchy and adventure.

So I hope your Friday morning started better than mine did.

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Morning Cow-tastrohpe (and a bunch of freebies!)
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