Charles Michael Segaloff (aka Michael Makai) sentenced. #BDSM

The court docket summary doesn’t have the actual sentencing paperwork in it yet, but there was a hearing and local media are reporting that Charles Michael Segaloff (aka BDSM author Michael Makai) was sentenced on 8/5/2016 to two years in federal prison. Apparently he’d filed a memo before the sentencing to try to get … Read More

Really? REALLY?

You cannot drive a semi truck (or other certain commercial vehicles) in the US legally unless you have the proper license, training, insurance, the vehicle and trailer meets minimum federal and state standards as to mechanical soundness, etc. You have to be a minimum age. You have to keep logs. You have to fulfill certain … Read More

Quick Note: Why I’m not posting certain documents in the Charles Michael Segaloff (Michael Makai) case.

There has been a valid point brought up that I want to make sure I clarify, since I cannot remember all the places I have clarified it. (Fibrofog is a bitch, so…blog post.) And I’m tired of repeating myself, so, huzzah, blog post. In the Charles Michael Segaloff (Michael Makai) arrest and federal case, I’m … Read More