I went this weekend with my husband to a dinner with his co-workers and I was asked several times how many books I’ve got coming in 2009.

I realized (with some surprise) that it’s…a lot. *LOL* NOT complaining, mind you! *G*

And the question, “How do you keep them all straight?” came to mind. That part’s easy, because of the software I use and apparently my brain is a compartmentalized freak of nature.

So to count them off, here’s what’s currently and soon-to-be available:

Currently Available:

Coming Soon:

  • Love at First Bight (Deep Space Mission Corps 1) (Siren-BookStrand, writing as Tymber Dalton) – erotic romance (available for pre-sale now, officially releases on 1/2/09)
  • Doggy Style (Amira Press) – erotic shapeshifter short
  • Dog Walk – erotic shapeshifter short
  • Out of the Darkness (Jan. 19th, Lyrical Press) – dark paranormal thriller/romance
  • Brimstone Blues (Amira Press) – the sequel to Love and Brimstone
  • Domme by Default (Lyrical Press, writing as Tymber Dalton) – BDSM romance novella
  • Good Will Ghost Hunting: Demon Seed (Lyrical Press) – paranormal demon romance
  • Cross Country Chaos (BookStrand) – contemporary romance
  • The Reluctant Dom (Lyrical Press, writing as Tymber Dalton) – BDSM romance novel
  • Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell’s Bells (Lyrical Press) – paranormal demon romance
  • Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell Hath No Fury (Lyrical Press) – paranormal demon romance

…and that’s not counting the sequels I have in progress right now.

  • “Brimstone” series – a total of seven (possibly eight or more)
  • “Good Will Ghost Hunting” series – at least six
  • “Love Slave for Two” series – at least four
  • “Deep Space Mission Corps” series – at least four

…and even more than that floating around in my brain.

Frankly, I treat writing like a job, a business. I have to. Writers who sit and treat it as an art form will continue asking if you want fries with that while they think about their stories. *LOL* This doesn’t mean I churn out crap. I know dang well when something I write isn’t ready for the light of day, and for every published work you see listed here, I’ve got at least another 10 ideas stashed in a file or notebook that will never see the light of day. Yes, Virginia, you can write what you love and still have a goal of making money. *LOL* (It shouldn’t be your primary drive, however. You need to have a passion for writing because, frankly, it’s damn hard work and takes a while to pay off.)

I spent many years writing non-fiction, and I got pretty good at writing on a strict deadline. I can sit down and figure out approximately how many words I need to crank out in a certain time frame to get a book done. I don’t outline, per se, I use SuperNotecard to rough out the main points in a story. By doing that, I can get a decent estimate of what my final word count will most likely be. From there, I can ballpark how long it will take me, uninterrupted, to write the thing. Then I add in life, my family, other commitments, edits in progress for other projects, etc. and adjust the time accordingly.

I don’t usually get writer’s block. If I ever hit a wall in a project, I immediately switch to something else. That’s usually more than enough to help me get back on track. And it keeps me productive.

Writing isn’t the end of it though. I laugh at newly-published writers who whine that editing and promotions are hard work. *LOL* Well, it’s part and parcel of the territory. The hard work doesn’t end when you type “The End.” It’s only just beginning. *LOL*

Not enough fingers!