I can’t help it. He’s adorable. No, I’m not biased at allllll. LOL Santa brought Sheldon raspberries and a zucchini for Christmas. Usually he only gets a diet of a variety of different greens, with occasional squash. I rarely give him fruit. (But hey, it’s Christmas. LOL)

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Reminder: Always research THOROUGHLY before you buy a reptile. Russian Tortoises need a very specific diet, or they can get gravely ill and die. (Like you can’t feed Russians spinach, for starters.) Other tort and turtle species have different dietary requirements. Don’t just take the canister of food the clueless clerk hands you at MegaPetWorld and say okey-dokey. Also, be very careful. Some tortoise species get VERY LARGE and live a VERY long time. And some tortoises have specific bedding requirements or they can ingest it and get sick.

If a new pet entered your home this holiday season, please please PLEASE go online and research a VARIETY of different resources. Sometimes you’ll even get conflicting advice from different sources. Especially reptiles and birds. So please, please, please do your research.

Raspberries…beware the Nomasaurus Sheldon!
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