My son at the gun range. Yes, we raised him to be a RESPONSIBLE gun owner, made sure he’s had LOTS of training and practice. So no, I am NOT “anti-gun.”

You cannot drive a semi truck (or other certain commercial vehicles) in the US legally unless you have the proper license, training, insurance, the vehicle and trailer meets minimum federal and state standards as to mechanical soundness, etc. You have to be a minimum age. You have to keep logs. You have to fulfill certain requirements to keep your license. If you do certain things, you LOSE your license.

This is a good thing, because if you fill a tanker with gasoline, or propane, or any number of other hazardous substances, you now have a rolling bomb. So you want people who operate those kinds of vehicles to be safe, right?

Ditto school and municipal bus drivers. Licensing, insurance, training.

Everyone still with me? Good. Anyone think that it’s a BAD thing, or a limitation of rights to have these minimum requirements?

No? Okay. Good.

Now then. A bad guy can steal a tanker (or propane) truck or a bus and crash it into a building or drive it off a bridge or whatever.

Does that mean you toss your hands up and say, “Oh, well! Let’s not have any additional licensing requirements or training requirements or insurance requirements because a CRIMINAL did something bad?”

NO. You STILL fucking have the licensing, training, insurance, etc. requirements. There are STILL new laws made as required to make semi trucks/rigs SAFER, and to keep drivers as safe as possible in terms of how they operate. Because the majority of people ARE law-abiding. You don’t throw your hands up in the air and say, “Oh, well, we can’t change the laws because it’s a violation of our rights and criminals will be criminals.”

No. You STILL look at the laws and if needed, FIX THEM.

Now then…

Substitute “guns” in place of “semi truck” or “bus.”

WHY is this still a problem for some people to understand?

Oh, and FYI, as a gun owner, I believe it should NOT be ridiculously easy for someone to buy a gun. I think you should be required to have a permit FIRST that you’ve gone through training (not this bullshit “training” they have now, either) and a FULL background check. Hey, if you are a law-abiding citizen, you should have NO trouble getting these requirements fulfilled, right?

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Really? REALLY?
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